Energy protection &Aura cleanse

Answering a question: How to cleanse aura and remove other peoples Energy and influences, and create a Psychic defense:

I want to start with what in my perspective is most important; and I will start with the WHY; it is so you do not find yourself in this situation over and over again:

And that is to acknowledge The Law of Attraction: That anything we allow into our Energy- is because it finds a resonance, or a “unguarded” space to enter

Protection is first and foremost something that radiate from the inside and out, through having your own back and putting yourself first 💜

It is important to OWN this; as in taking radical self responsibility– because if we focus (purely) on the external forces at hand, then we will have this pattern repeat… And we put ourselves in the position as victims to Life. And then you `ll be stuck in repair modus the whole time – as in being in reaction mode to Life– rather then using the Energy for and that Energy can be used for creation//action.

That you “attract” it -does NOT mean that you deserve it or are a bad/weak person. And certainly it is NOT a reason to beat yourself up (that is only adding insult to injury, and will weaken your Energy and your Aura)

I believe our purpose here on Earth is to support the transmutation of wounds through healing them. So when we are attracting a pattern/certain type of Energy- we have the unique possibility to clear this not only for us, but also from the collective field 💜

Can you see how this then can be: how is this happening FOR me?

And maybe even learn to get excited, about what Gift will be uncovered?! Because every Shadow has its equally big (often much much bigger) Gift frequency

I also want to acknowledge that some Energy is not really ours to clear- that we do collect a lot of Energy from others, and that we get to let this go. Sometimes it is purely an Energetic boundary for you to own, so this will be repelled in the future. As in: you are taking responsibility for things that that are not really yours to transmute– maybe you feel like you need to prove your worth, and so you open up your Energetic boundary for this? Maybe you think too little of yourself, and let Energy vampires drain you? Maybe what you learned was love growing up, have you stay in relationships where you are not valued? ((These are just some examples))

Reflections- that I invite you to scan your body and be with your body with. As in- feel into what your BODY is responding to:

▪︎What is mine?//Is this mine?
▪︎What is here FOR me to own?
▪︎Where am I giving my power away?
▪︎What wound finds an echo inside of me, that I now get to look at and be with?

There are several ways to clear//release Energy:

  • Somatic experiencing // Self pleasure:
  • Water- for instance bath or shower. Here you can also visualize the water cleansing you, going down the drain. Use herbs (examples are Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint) a scrub or salt in the water.
  • Shaking the body and other emotional release tools. Here is some tools:
  • Emotional release massage and trigger points. Here is a massage:
  • Fire- lighting a candle or a fire, and either burn a letter/list of what you want to let go off, or imagine the energy being burnt up in the fire though visualization.
  • Frequency or Solfeggio music
  • Wearing or using Gemstones like Crystal Quartz, Citrine, Kyanite, Selenite- plus there are lots of other stones can use, all depending on the intention. Those Gemstones are however great all-round healers
  • Meditation
  • Get a massage (make sure the person that gives it are solid and with integrity- otherwise can pick up not great energy…)
  • Orgasm- as being with yourself in pleasure, and using the Energy for that to transmute//clear//banish low frequency Energy
  • Smudge burning (sage, Palo Santo, Rosemary etc.)
  • Salt: scrub for instance with coconut oil and coffee grains. Do a Salt Bath. Himalaya Salt lamp.
  • Do a Clearing Ceremony or Ritual: “I release and let go of any and every Energy that is not for my Highest good – in this timeline and in all timelines and dimensions”. Can add one or more of elements that are here. This is extra potent around Full Moon.
  • Do a Clearing Session with a practitioner. I support you in this, and you can book here:
  • Feeling your Aura- and fluffing it up with your arms, or visualizing the Central Sun repairing it with it`s blue Energy — you then “see” rays coming down and repair where you feel there are holes
  • Visualizing your Aura as a White bubble as you are sitting or moving around

I have lots of free resources on clearings- look to my videos and my website 💜

You are welcome to write me through social media if there is a specific Energy you are looking to transmute, and I will direct you to the resource. And I also support you in transmuting or clearing blocks – we can also open the Akashic Records to solidify this further.

Online sessions vs in Person

I want to first acknowledge that up until about 1.5 years ago I was deeply sceptic towards online space, and thought it to be inferior -or that it would not work. I said no to lots of opportunities with this as an excuse, until – because of some very fortunate misunderstandings – “suddenly” was enrolled into an 6 months online Certification.

I want to add; the most lucky misunderstanding that forever changed my Life in the most beautiful way. And of course it was no coincidence- because everything has a meaning and a purpose.

The online certification included lots of online one-to-one sessions as well group calls, and with that not only did it open up this beautiful portal of self discovery ((online sessions)); but also sent me in a rapid transformation Journey that every day is transforming and blossoming of my Life into an Adventure and deep Self Love discovery. One that never would have been possible for if I did not explore the online world and it`s opportunities (because one simply limit most of the options in the World if Geography//proximity is a requirement?

So not only do I hold online sessions (and courses) in high regard now- in fact for certain types of “work” I prefer online!

The short version is: Energy knows no boundaries and limits, and yet there are certain energetics that will affect more in proximity. And thus—

The benefit of online:

  • It is on your terms and home-space (or your selected space). So instead of doing the vulnerable thing of entering “my domain”, we are on equal terms, as in both are in our own space.
  • At any time you can press escape and end the session. That is not something I encourage- rather the opposite- but the benefit is that it is easier for you to feel in control (because you are). This have you relax more
  • If we are entering into “taboo” areas; it is easier for you to not be affected by my energy or presence- because there is that distance and you being in your home-space (familiarity). As in there will be less shame or easier to let this go and open up (and the more you open up, the more we can transform).
  • If we work on sexuality or anger/aggression- I am safe to bring you to the edge without worrying of my own safety. That means that more of my presence will be about YOU- and not having have to use energy to protect my own space and sphere. You can also safely let yourself go- as you are alone in your own space.
  • My direct Aura/Energy will affect you less= you have more focus on your own Energy.
  • It is easier for you to stay within yourself & “forget” my presence/that I am there.
  • When the Session is over- you are in your own home. No need to drive or walk anywhere, or worry about your appearance. You can lie down, make yourself a cup of tea – cry, scream, make a happy dance- or what ever you feel like.
  • It is somewhat easier to integrate the session into your own life; because it happened in your own space.

The benefit of in person:

  • I use element like Ceremonial Cacao and other elements to create an intimate atmosphere
  • Physical touch to bring you back into your body is possible
  • It is a bit more challenging to just to disappear/escape
  • My Aura will directly affect you- because our Energy field is picked up by other people- words are not needed to create an impact. This is even more so in person
  • It is a separate space then your familiar surroundings- and this in itself brings you into a mindset of change/transformation
  • My presence can give the comfort of not feeling like you are alone

I could write more, but maybe you get the idea? An online session is created as an online Session, and you will get 100% benefit from it, and an online sessions would not be better in person; they are simply a different experience. Both holds elements of the same- and both have their own unique advantages.

I would be honored to support you in a Session- HERE is the link to my booking page

Open up the Portal

A somatic script (self pleasure script) to explore and be with your emotions and body. Please note that if you use any aspects or parts of my work, that you refer to me and with a link to my page. Thank you for acting in integrity and with respect

You need: A space you can move around + a space you can comfortably lie down and where you can be totally undisturbed. Maybe lock the door? Pull the curtains? You will need a speaker to play the music from, and putting your phone on silent + removing so any notifications that will pop up. Preferably Feel free to make a ritual/ceremonial space with candles, incense, stones etc. Create ambient and a cosy atmosphere.

Read through the description below, and make some short notes if you need to. Note that the important thing is to take the time to BE with you body (not follow instructions to the dot- other then making a commitment to take this time to BE with yourself all the way to the end. All kinds of emotions and bodily reaction is both normal and healthy to be with. This is a moving meditation- where you practice being with your Feminine Emotional body. Your tools to explore and be with your body is Breath, Sound, Awareness, Touch and Movement. If your body wants to release through yawn, burp or farts that is great! This is some of the ways that blocks clear our body. I invite you to completely let go of how you look; to put your attention to how it FEELS (within)

This script is based on the playlist here:

Make sure that the playlist plays in the order I have put them, and that there is no song that automatically starts after the last song on the list. The playlist is 40 min. An advice is to get familiar with song 7, so that you will detect that song when it comes on. The music is simply the backdrop to support you in connecting with the deeper parts of your subconscious//body. So let go of needing to move to the rhythm or in any way follow it unless it feels completely in tune with what is alive inside of your body.
SONG 1: Lying you are going to use a Tantra breath I have learned from tantra practitioner Bonnie Rose. You lie flat in "Corpse" position (on your back, with hands and feet to the side, making sure nothing is crossing and with a straight spine). You inhale through your nose deep into your body for as long as possible: keep inhaling and inhaling and inhaling as long as you can- and when feel like can not inhale more- take one more, before you exhale out with a sound. Breathe normally a few times, and then repeat. Do this the whole song.

SONG 2: While lying down: moving gently all of your limbs- one at a time. Gently stretch and roll. Explore and be curious about your joints, muscles and bones- from the INSIDE. Pay in particular attention to your hip and pelvic area. I encourage you to move gently and be curios- and to accept all kinds of pain, tightness, numbness, tingling etc 

SONG 3: The same type of exploration- this time moving from lying down to sitting up. Remember to invite breath and sound into your exploration. I invite you to welcome the picture of being a seedling that grows. Pay in particular attention to your neck- rolling and gently stretching 
Song 4: Standing up - exploring your body in the same way. In particular paying attention to your hips- rolling and stretching them with straight soft arms

Song 5: continue moving and exploring your body while standing up- and I invite you to explore unexpected and unusual ways (new) ways to move. Playing with fast to slow movements; soft to big movements; rigid to fluid movements. I invite you to pay in particular attention to including the hips in the movements

Song 6: In how many ways can you walk and shake? Do one at a time and both. The intention is to shake ALL of the body- both at the same time, and as individual parts. Explore and play

song 7: Stop your movements: do deep inhales through the nose while holding one hand over the Heart and the other over the lower part of the belly/upper parts of the genitals. Do 3 deep inhales and exhales standing still. And then continue doing so while gently moving/swaying to the (inner) music

Song 8: Lying down- keep connecting with you Heart and lower belly. Softly but deeply inhale through your nose first into your Heart, then a second one into your belly. Exhale firm but softly though the nose. Keeping you awareness on your breath and your body- every time you notice you think, you bring it back to breath and the body.

Song 9: Continue lying down- being with your body- letting your breath be natural

I invite you to spend some time afterwards on reflecting and being with what came up.

I welcome you sharing your reflections and experiences with this script with me through social media (link above), and I also support one to one in Sensual shadow-work sessions, Mindset reboot, and Energy reading and guidance.

Energy update & support: Inner Child healing through shadow-work and Gene Keys

If you feel like these are extra crazy times, and find yourself addressing core wounds and shadows- it is exactly what the Global theme is now. Inner Child healing!! The text underneath is a mix of resources from and my own Intuitive understanding. Get your own chart: (I offer intuitive readings). This Energy Chart gives you a unique chance to get to your core shadows//wounds, as well as it supports you with the transformation into the Gift aspect. And I want to add that tomorrow I will post a New Moon Tarot Energy Intuitive reading on my YouTube channel. (I post every Full and New Moon)

From the energy of the Wounds– the Gift is born– releasing your from suffering
First a short pretext about Gene keys: This is a tool that gives you your Energetic blueprint - it incorporates Astrology, I Ching and Human Design. It is based on the time of your birth. It contains 11 Gift and shadows that will give you a predominant theme in (certain parts and aspects of ) your Life-- these are the wounds your Soul have chosen to come to Earth to experience and explore-- and through this experiencing HEAL ((when we are embracing our Life and triggers))
There are 64 keys- that you can think of as Archetypes, and each of them when they show up in your Chart will have a line (think of this as a generation).

Everyone have ALL of the Archetypes in us- because we are everything//God-- but certain archetypes will dominate more our lives // will be more constant. These we relive and experience deeper and deeper in our illusion of being an Individual 
The World moves through all of the keys/archetypes every year. Every transit is 5.7days. ((In addition each Planet and Asteroids will be placed in different archetypes, but this is only for those that want to go super deep-- and I personally think that (even more) easily becomes a trap))
These transits means that the World (collective consciousness) will have this Archetype highlighted in those days. Every Archetype has Shadows and Gifts. And we will keep reliving the Shadow frequency until we have healed it ((been with the shadow//fear//demon))- because Energy wants to heal // be complete. So ignoring or suppressing is WHAT leads to Shadows and Darkness in the first place... 

So EVERY time you meet a shadow or pain point, it is an opportunity for transmuting a block and embracing (more of) the GIFT! In this unlocking of your DNA. So will you end the viscous cycle and be with what is--- or keep building on that Karma?
To burn the pattern and rise from the ashes like the Phoenix: Emotional alchemy and Shadow-work
The Gene keys are grouped into 21 Codon Rings: this is the biological machinery behind what the ancients called ‘karma’. The way the keys are grouped forms the Geometric Unified Field (collective consciousness) that affects Humanity- for better and worse. 
As higher frequency is allowed to surface- this creates beautiful DNA mutations; that supports the Great Change into realization of its true nature and unity.

20.September until 13.Oct the whole world is travelling through the Codon Ring of Matter (18, 46, 48, 57):  These are the keys/archetypes that program the human developmental process from conception to the age of 21. In other words- it takes around 21+ years for the Soul imprint ((Energy)) to reincarnate onto Earth, and in these years our environment will turn on or off certain genes and create patterns of behavior (epigenetics)
These 4 Gene Keys are responsible for the constant look out for biofeedback so that the child can orient itself in the world in a healthy manner. This codon ring is of huge importance at the developmental level as it governs the very infrastructure of our physical, emotional and mental health. Things that surface now have the power to profoundly heal past wounding
Many of the shadows we meet are truly our own wounded Inner Child
Gene Key 46 was in transit 21.- 26.Sep 2021:
  • “A science of Luck”
  • The physical phase 0-7 years
  • Shadow: Seriousness
  • Gift: Delight
  • Siddhi: Ecstasy
This corresponds to the placement of SQ in your chart; “The Love point”. To understand the Shadow you have here: supports you in unlocking your Heart and meet the softest parts of your Inner Child. This is where you find episodes that affect your physical safety and body's vitality/health. Awareness of this shadow will help you transmute the pattern that underdetermined your self-esteem the most. (The end of Self-fulfilling prophecy)

When the World is going through a transit in this theme (46, or the key you have placed here), this frequency/energy will be highlighted. SOLUTION? Acceptance- being aware and meeting the Shadow with softness and understanding will support you in transmuting it to the Gift- through ownership of the pattern existing within you. This is brining light to the darkness.
Because the ego mind in Childhood created a pattern to avoid feeling unsafe again- and this changed the expression of your genes (dis-ease)-- and this leads to being stuck and/or avoiding parts of Life
Keyword here is: 
ATTITUDE, ACCEPTANCE-- perspective is everything-- to soften into life; finding humor and compassion? Remembering that the Shadow theme for this phase is Seriousness
This is where your Parents took their own boxes, labels and patterns too seriously and shut down your inquiries and “otherness”, and as a result your Inner Child developed the Shadow pattern of ……. insert here the shadow that is placed in your SQ!
As kids we are like sponges and absorb everything around us (in order to fit into the environment so the child can survive)- and the way our parents feel about their bodies gets greatly adapted by the Child. Even the way of breathing is usually inherited; and most people breathe quite restricted
The 46 Key gifts us with the wisdom that it is YOUR BODY that must feel safe; not your Mind, in order to develop true Health. And this is usually in sharp contrast to the current Society, that places the Mind on a pedestal and the body as something to be ignored and suppressed?!


  • How can you find safety within your body? 
  • Reconnect to that childlike wonder and play? 
  • How can you allow more of Life to flow into you? 
  • And to let go of what does not serve your body to hold on to?
  • To let go of seriousness and take your expectations more lightly- and most importantly take yourself less serious? We all have quirks in our personality

Have a look at my free Self Exercises that focus exactly on this: HERE

We come here with fresh Energy to create new ways
Gene Key 18- transit 26.Sep until Friday 1.Oct 2021 
  • “The Healing power of the Mind”
  • Governs the Mental phase- 14 until 21 years
  • Shadow: Judgement
  • Gift: Integrity
  • Siddhi: Perfection
This corresponds to the placement of IQ in your chart: Becoming aware of the shadow you hold here tells you how you use your mind to try to override your Intuition. Aka where you get narrow minded. To be with this Shadow will support you in healing your biggest emotional trigger, letting go of provocation and reactivity in your relationships.
The key of 18 is about challenging authority- a natural drive in Children- and a necessary because this is how the child explores the boundaries of their World and discover their unique blueprint- who they are. ((Their "otherness"- uniqueness))
If our parents take this natural drive and instinct personal and shames or guilts our natural exploration, the need to challenge authority will remain immature ((and hello- this is basically EVERYONE on Earth)).
It will then act out: our ego mind will jump in and react with the shadow (you have in the IQ) when it meets this wound ((of feeling unsafe around “authority”))
This key guides us to make our judgments less personal and take them less serious: But also to accept that judgment is part of the human psyche; it is part of why we are here, to create CHANGE and a better world. And the instinct of judgement is how we know something is better or not. AS EVERYONE OF OUR INSTINCTS IT HOLDS SHADOW AND GIFT
Be aware of the need to defend your own judgments; in particular if there is a lot of charge (emotions). That does not at all mean to never defend your viewpoint, or that it is "wrong", but to be aware and curious--what desire and drive is underneath?
This is a calling into INTEGRITY: to be able to hold your Energy strong- to hold space for your own emotions and judgements (= insecurities). And also to be able to hold yourself strong when someone else is in the turmoil of their own wounds and shadows ((so does not create stronger wounding for that person and yourself))
As you journey into understanding what created the Shadow pattern in your adolescence - this will release self compassion and you will (gradually) let go of self judgement for this ego pattern and the havoc it has created on your life-- and this will support you in being courageous and meeting the fear of rejection and stand strong within yourself ((when you are challenging the status quo by using your judgment that something is not good))
Integrity is judgement from the Heart (NOT the ego mind)-- this means to challenge the weak structures so it will hold better and better stability so it can reach Perfection.
---This is to release the Shadow//Karma from the collective and have it grow healthier ((and it also make sure that our own energy does not keep adding negative to this energy field))


  • In what situations do you feel in particular triggered to defend your standpoint? 
  • Are there repeated patterns that you feel to challenge leaders or the status quo?
  • Were you allowed to challenge and find your own way as an adolescence?
  • How did they react?
  • How did you react?
  • Do you see any patterns to situations where you afterwards feel “this was not really me”?
  • Can you hold yourself with compassion in this?

See my Grief Self exercise with Quan Yin to heal wounds: HERE

Gene Key 48 2.-8.Oct 2021
  • “The wonder of Uncertainty”
  • Emotional phase 7- 14 years
  • Shadow: Inadequacy
  • Gift: Resourcefulness
  • Siddhi: Wisdom
This is your EQ in the Chart; and the shadow in your key placement there shows your primary emotional defense mechanism- this is a set pattern adopted in childhood in order to try to feel more safe. When you become aware of your own shadow here; emotions will be able to flow more freely through you (emotional alchemy) without feeling overwhelmed. This is a hugely important place to release your Inner Child- and to transmute this shadow will release a huge surge of playfulness and freedom in your life
The shadow of the 48 is the darkest place within the Human DNA; this is where we have our core wounds and triggers, and they will often feel like dark and huge Demons that can feel “impossible” to overcome. Imagine how powerlessness a child will feel when a parent or an authority person chastises them?
The shadows (both the 48 and our placement in the chart) is where we are not taking self responsibility for our emotions and reactions from them: but rather project onto the world
When we face our Shadow/Fear/Demon- we end the vicious cycle of repeat repeat repeat
SOLUTION: Self responsibility- to turn inward and find the source of the discomfort- THE ECHO inside that has you react/retract. You will then experience a gradual release of fear of fear ((because that is the actual problem)) - where you are like a dog chasing its own tail....
When start to lean into the NOT KNOWING- as in asking open ended questions -- and letting the solution come to you-- there is a natural and spontaneous release of GIFTS within you: This is what the emotions within you are trying to guide you back to!
The is about the fear of the Feminine ((the emotions and the body)) - and is THE reason for the Witch hunt and the eradication/shaming of the Feminine and Females from/in Historic events, Religion, Shamanism etc

“As you learn to trust the not knowing, life resolves itself effortlessly and beautifully and a natural process of deconditioning takes place inside of you.”

Because when you let the answers COME to your (for example through open ended questions), you are NOT using your ego mind ((masculine)) to create a solution. 


  • What do you perceive as evil and bad in the world?
  • How can you own this part within yourself?
  • What emotions do you demonize in particular?

You find Self Exercises that support you in this here, as well as emotional release tools on my youtube channel, Instagram and Facebook. And I offer personal guidance and support in online one-to-one sessions to release patterns and emotional blocks ((we go further together- because you then do not need to hold every aspect yourself, plus we always have blind spots ))

Gene Key 57 from 8. -13.Oct 2021:
  • This is the phase in utero (as a Child in the belly)
  • Shadow: Unease
  • Gift: Intuition
  • Siddhi: Clarity
This Archetype has a profound connection to Human and Humanity's health, maybe the key that has the most impact on it; and is the foundational aspect of how your Body's system will interact with the World. --The Mother of all Wounds?!
This corresponds to your Core/Vocation in your chart. And holds the final layer of your deepest Mystical potential. When you start to bring awareness to the shadow aspect of the 57th key: unease (anxiety)-- and your own personal Shadow here, you will start to experience true Unity with the world. 
This is THE key to a Body HUMMING with Life- finding FLOW
This shadow is about fear of the future- what anxiety really is about- and the Shadow reaction is to try to create a solution to this unease. Aka an ego pattern (not self theme). It is fear of fear itself- a self created situation, because it keeps the Mind and Energy spinning on what MIGHT happen (mind loops and distraction). It is about being stuck in Survival mode; to be locked in fight-freeze-or-fawn response. 
Solution: to listen to the subtle pull of your Intuition. And I know that can feel utterly impossible at times, since the ego mind chatter is loud, and the pattern to listen to this chatter is not changed in a flash. I will share that it is so VERY possible to change this- I am a testament to this! And why I now guide and teach others to reconnect to their Authentic Self and the inner guidance it gives through Intuition in our body.

“Intuition is the natural guidance system of all human beings… If we humans can attune ourselves to this gentle, subtler inner voice, we will finally begin to feel physically at ease.”

“Whereas Intuition listens and receives, the mind explores and conquers.”

“The human mind is a truly extraordinary instrument. It is also a very dangerous instrument without the proper internal guidance.”

This key is connected to sound: that all life is is actually frequency - layers of flickering and alternating sound waves: Your Intuition as a tuning fork to find ease
The Gift of the 57 key gives “clairaudience - the ability to pick up vibrations through your aura and interpret through your brain… (it) shows you one of the clearest and simplest paths to move beyond the shadow of your fears. ((This is my (Marte) Life's work gift))
Reflection/Solution: Open up your Body through Open ended questions- this is something you can practice on: to wonder out loud- to focus on the questions. Letting the answers be there, as in NOT trying to find them. Because the ego mind immediately wants to find a solution (and tends to think it knows it all...) But when we actively search with our minds, this will come from what you already know. Meaning to simply repeat... So by training your mind to wonder- and to be able to be with the discomfort of wonder, you create a new brain path and ((more easeful)) way of being

I hope you find this resource useful? Know that I welcome questions and reflections very around what I share as well as around my offerings very much: I am here to serve you to a Life with more ease, pleasure and joy-- I believe this is how we create a better World for everyone


My Life’s Work in Gene Keys is 57.6. As a line 6 I am a Teacher of Intuition and Clarity. This Archetype is also on both sides of my Pluto in my Human Design Chart. I in addition a Projector in Human Design (the guides that read other peoples aura)

I offer Sessions, reading, healing and mindset reboot to connect with your Intuition. I use my Energy Intuitive and Psychic Gifts to hear, feel and see where you have your biggest blocks, and support you in the healing//transmutation of them

My page is under development. I appreciate you being here, and I want to add resources and reflections several times a week, as it gives me so much joy to do so! You can read a bit more about me here

You find my booking page here

Emotional Release: Grief

Inner Child healing and Quan Yin support:
SOFTENING into yourself and your Heart ~
A self practice to be with and release this dense emotion, that usually cause a lot of stuck Emotions in your Energy. Most of these core wounds are from Childhood or past lives. Estimated time for all the reading, videos and the practice about 60 min.



Sorrow is the signal of loss of parts of yourself- is a guide to come back to wholeness. It will FEEL like the opposite; because the Shadow always holds the opposite frequency.


As we practice to be with our emotions- this is something that becomes more and more natural – this IS embodiment; to embrace the wisdom of emotions, as opposite of being the victim of them


And the paradox is- that in order to gain the Gift; it is needed to fully embrace and accept the Shadow — TO COMPLETELY SEE IT; we can not will or think ourselves into the lessons with our ego mind — this is something we get from our bodily wisdom through LET-ting it IN










Sorrow and grief is NATURAL signs of:

  • Given too much; so depleted yourself? 
  • Not allowing yourself support or love?
  • Shutting out parts of you?
  • Cut away parts of yourself in order to fit in? As in rejected yourself (the most deepest hurt there is?)
  • Been taken from? The loss of your innocence? Created unsafety?
  • (and more examples- there are as many reason as there are people)

Your grief and sorrow is valid

There is no comparison; yet in order to gain the lesson, it`s important to have the perspective of knowing there are lots and lots of people that have had it worse- or are in a worse now. This will support you in not falling prey to becoming stuck in the bottom of the sorrow Well— (victimhood ruling your Life)

And know: comparing yourself to others can be a kind of self-mutilation. AND If applied to quickly, it will effectively hinder yourself to gain the full lesson. 

To do comparison is to belittle yourself. 
To not do it is to fall into martyrdom. 
To have patience; this is a long-term journey

Yes, to scrub a knee is nothing compared to breaking it or losing a leg- yet it still hurts at the moment?! So if you try to ignore or suppress- the energy of the pain will be stuck -because all energy is constant. Through transmuting it, it transforms in a natural process- when it is NOT forced or rushed; you learn it all

This is EMOTIONAL ALCHEMY; to practice being with the emotion, and allow yourself to feel it all. And to not identify with the emotional wave. In this gradually become more and more adept at knowing when to sink into the feeling, and when it is right to span out and gain the perspective- without loosing anything in the PROCESS



Through tuning INTO yourself: to listen to your body; not to -or through – your mind. So the process is to learn and rewire a new pattern into your being (from ego mind to Heart living

Tears is a way for the body to release the tension- but it also comes in many other forms- like shaking, sounds, movement etc

Through being with the blocks to our Heart- that is to be with the past pain and hurt- we open up to a Life with a more open Heart

For the self practice you need:

  • A space you can be undisturbed for 40 min or more- preferably being able to sound and move freely
  • turn off the phone as well as make sure no notifications pop up on the screen of your phone or computer
  • a place you can lie down and sit on your knees comfortably. Pillows, blanket etc
  • Bowl of water- fantastic if this is rainwater you have collected from nature, but that is NOT necessary for this time; and something you can apply to another time
  • Natural salt
  • Optional: candles, flowers, gemstones, elements from nature, incense, essential oils- creating it into a ritual or ceremony// scared space with yourself
  • allow burping, farting or other kind of breath, sounds to exit or enter your body. This is signs that energy is clearing your body
  • If possible be naked or wear clothing where it is easy to access all parts of your body (in particular over arms)
  • Remember that the script is a suggestion to support you- you find the true script in your body
  • a playlist for 40 min- I have created one specifically for this purpose. Making sure that the playlist will play in the order I have arranged them

The Self practice

Start the music: first song- 3:58min: listen while you read about Quan Yin- many considers her a Female Buddha ~ ~ and some a Buddhist version of Mother Mary. This story is as a pretext to understanding the power of calling on her. As well as the great power that lies in being with your sorrow; that there is a purpose. The third is that this story might support you in connecting with your emotions as you can draw on the feeling of all the injustice and pain in the world as a gateway to connect with your own grief (IF you find this difficult)

The story of Quan Yin: a young girl that already by young teenager years suffered in some of the worst awful ways imaginable. Barely surviving a vicious massacre of her Family and village, brutally beaten and raped, she managed to drag herself to a forrest. There she lived for years as a ghost as she purged deep grief, sorrow and anger. This set in motion a gradual softening & acceptance of her Human vulnerability; of regaining self love and compassion, reaching true Enlightenment; and choosing to stay on Earth to serve and teach humanity about self-compassion and self-love. To be a light.

Quan Yin- excerpts from The Sophia Code , Keycode 6

“When you practice holding yourself with great tenderness, you eventually become whole in your relationship with yourself. You trust yourself
In your human journey of self-mastery, there is so much to let go of
... heal your relationship with suffering.
You came to experience the sovereign power of your divinity through the vulnerability of your human experience. Your willingness to be vulnerable - especially to painful experiences that stimulate personal growth- deserves your utmost self-respect, self-compassion, and unconditional love.
(the importance) refrain from pressuring yourself to prematurely move beyond unresolved pain. The imbalanced mental strategy to banish or hide away pain, to be dealt with at some unknown future junkture, has never worked nor ever will. (!!)
..the innocence of your inner Child will assert when it feels acknowledged and safe enough to release the suffering that no longer serves you.This next Golden age cycle will be launched by Divine Feminine leaders who radically embody the wisdom from their own authentic healing journeys through the necessary stages of grief. 
...Humanity cannot skip it`s initiations for learning self-love and self-compassion; it is the only way to reconcile the thousands of years spent in self-hatred and self-denial- that must be released for humanity to ascend into a new golden age.”
“Sudden feelings of anger, disappointment, and sadness can all act as messengers from your Inner Child when you are refusing to give karuna to yourself” (Karuna = radical self compassion)


With the remaining of the song- hold over your Heart and feel the words impact and what is coming up within you

Contemplation; was grief and sorrow allowed in your childhood? If you scrubbed a knee, broke a toy, got teased? if you were excluded?

Song 2 (1:25) prepare your space around you and settle even more in our body- open up for contemplation, emotions and stories- being FULLY and completely IN what is coming up for the remaining of the playlist.

Exaggerate if needed- maybe extra if you feel like you do not need it. Remembering that this can be a great tool to bring out shadows (it is okay if you feel “stupid” in doing so- let that be there too)

Bring out the bowl of water- add the salt. Hold your hands over the bowl and set the intention to be with your Heart and the grief and sadness within. You have now created Holy Water- anoint yourself with this water. Add it on your forehead and any other place you feel natural to bring it. (if next song starts- let it!)

song 3 (5:21min) Sit on your knees, open up your shoulders, tilt your head all the way back and open up your arms. Allow what ever wants to move move through you- let your body move you sitting, lying down or moving standing up- with sound, touch, movement and breath. Let stories come freely.

Alternative: Lie down, either flat and preferably in a ball and hold yourself- stroking your upper arms, shoulders and upper body. Let yourself feel the deep sorrow of all the sadness and pain that has been in your life. See your wounds and bruises. How it has been natural for you to be scared of opening up your Heart.

Song 4 (5:08) Keep lying down if that is natural for you. Or stand up. Hold your Heart- and feel in what kind of movement, sound, touch and breath wants to come out and be expressed. If stories, emotions and feeling do not come- be with that- allowing the void to be there, as this is equally important as any other way.

Suggestions: exploring your hips. Touching gently your arms. Holding yourself tightly and say it is okay to hurt. Allow the feelings to be STRONG if they come as such

Song 5 (3:49): move shoulder blades back and forth–your angel wings- your innocence. Welcome in any and every victimhood story. Let the pain and hurt ripple through your body using the grief pose or lying in a ball

Song 6 (9:16): Conscious breaths in and out through your nostrils, while applying appropriate pressure and/or massage with middle finger or your thumb. Giving attention to the following points on your body for a minimum of 30 second each. Allow anything that wants to be release be so while rubbing (burp, fart, sound, breath, cry, words, movement). If next song starts- let it

PS: Do not stress about right or left—

The blue crosses; Right side at the bottom of the ribcage (Heart/small int/etc).

Left side on opposite side (spleen/stomach)

pink crosses; Right side at the increase of under your arms- then left side

Green: Both sides under your collarbone at the same time

Top of the public bone (red)

(If next song has started sometime now- that is okay)

Then the point of the star- first right, then left side

Then next picture: Press each side of the arm on the point of the star with your middle finger. Start with one side, then the next. Press minimum of 1 min on each side, as you pay attention to that point and what arises within you.

and pressure to these points:

Then ending with the OM MANI PADME HUM song (6:04 min)

“I call upon the support of Quan Yin to be here with me”

If you have any water left- anoint yourself- ending with your Heart.

You are free to lie down flat on your back, or to sit. Sing or chant with the sounds– this is a calling for self love and self compassion- it will cleanse and support you.

After I suggest to shake off the body, and to bring attention to your Heart and this experience the next days. It is also really great to take a Shower and imagine the water clearing you- you can shake off here, massage more, hum the mantra, do a salt scrub etc

Reflections after;

to be contemplated- as in NOT trying to find the answer, but to let the answer arise if it naturally comes- through letting the question simply be there

Hold over your Heart- ask yourself what is happening within right now? Take a deep breath in – hold a bit- and really feel into it

Are there any place you ever hurt yourself as a Child that you can give extra love and attention to the following days?

Did something come up that surprised you? Does something feel resolved? Unresolved?

Any pain or discomfort that has come? gone?

Can you vow to go gentle with yourself and meet your inner pain with love and acceptance- with patience?

Sensual shadow-work for Men: awaken your LOVER and Sacred Masculinity

Men- your body is sacred and beautiful 🔥 And just like I want women to find liberation and joy in their body and sensuality- I want to see ALL MEN embrace and find this in themselves and in life too ❤ And the path is not the same for a female and male body- and why I have and hold the Courses separate.

In the course I guidance and support you in learning tools and mindset rewiring to reconnect to your body and Soul- and through this healing the echo of shame and guilt for your natural urges and desires. This supports you in creating intimate and heathy connections and relationships ❤

Sensual and sexual drive is natural- yet in the World around us there is major capitalistic and religious forces that benefit on humans holding shame of their body and natural drives and instincts.

And THIS Shame and guilt is the reason why shadow and dark aspects of sexuality and humans are created- by the suppressing. Because these urges are strong- so they will either burst out in unhealthy ways, or create disease in the body and mind.

Through reclaiming your body and letting go of the shame and guilt- your Life will start to transform.

And the more it transforms – the more rapid this will create more and more warmth and love in your life.

It is a matter of understanding and being the master of your bodily urges- WITHOUT suppressing any of that Energy ❤

I will also touch on the fact that there is a good reason for the wounds- as the battle between the genders have been there for centuries- and this is one of the subjects we will touch on and explore:

Because the wound of the feminine and the wound of the masculine feeds off each other and creates a bigger and bigger division- when all we truly want is to be united, understood and loved for who we are?

Let us together do what we can to stop this vicious cycle- through healing our own inner wounds?

I know for men it is often more difficult to share about emotions and feelings, so even if I know the HUGE healing it has in itself to share and be witnessed, my priority is to create this into a safe space for as many as possible- as in participating in groups and sharing is optional.

You get to ask me anything: Either in our private Sessions or through the weekly form.

Over the 8 weeks I will give weekly self exercises that include 4 embodiment somatic/self pleasure scripts. This is a self exercise where you explore your own body in a different way. You will have the option of getting individual feedback to your experience with everyone of them. In addition you get other exercises as well as learning how to mediate (something that I believe is important for everyone- and in particular males)

Every week you get to fill in a form with reflections and questions that I give feedback to and answer the questions.

In the Course:

🔥You learn how the ego mind works, and through this ignites the process of rewiring so you mind starts to work for you (not against you)

🔥 Learn to Meditate

🔥 Learn other tools to connect to your body and Soul so you can ignite that Fire within and attract love and connection to your Life

🔥 I will guide in understanding more how the Female body and mind works – and through this you will learn how to connect with her essence

🔥 Learn ways to let energy of anger, frustration and pain move through you

🔥 You start the exploration of a deeper pleasure (than just a few seconds of spasm)

8 weeks Course:

↬The first week starts at 6.October- this is when I release the first content. Every week you will get self exercises to practice in your own time.

↬ 4 group calls where you can join or watch replay. First one is 10.October at 4 pm CET. There is one every second week, with the last one at 21.November.

↬ I hold 4 Q&A`s where I answer your questions: You get to send me all and any question: and they will be answered answered in the Q&A (it will be anonymous who asked the question)

↬ 3 private online guidance calls with me (each 30 min)

↬ Telegram channel where content is released

↬With Telegram chat you can join

↬ I teach you tools you can continue using the rest of your life

❤ Are you ready to take the lead in your life?

❤ To embrace a life with more pleasure, joy and fun?

Early-bird price 162 US Dollars // 1450 NOK

Sensual Shadow-work: Activation of your Wild Flow

I am currently enrolling Women for my second round of Sensual Shadow-work course, and I can tell you that the course have gotten A SERIOUS upgrade! And with it the option to get ALL IN full activation of the Energy of this course from me through working more one-on-one.

I saw in the course leading 10 women, that the ones that choose to have a Session with me had bigger transformation than the ones that did not choose this. It left me feeling frustrated to be honest, since my biggest joy in Life is to help people create transformations and turn their life around

So in this round the Course includes 3 activations of 30 min with me, and the option to add full Sessions of 60 min. Because there will “always” be blind spots we can not see, as well as when we have the support of a Coach, you can go deeper because this person will hold you. (In solo work we need to hold ourselves.)

I have been called to stop being shy, and to embrace and own just how strong a Catalyst and Activation my Energetic blueprint have in the World. If you know Human Design and Gene Keys and saw my Chart- well- I am “created”. The short version is Projector with life’s work Teacher of Intuition & Clarity (57.6) with Emotional Authority❤️

SO– There is the “ALL IN” option: and it turns me on 🔥 to connect with how beautiful and transformative this transmission // activation is.

This option is for the Souls that are ready to go BIG- that are ready to turn their life ON 🔥 🔥 🔥 If you are reading this- you probably are ❤️

Under I will give an overview of what this ALL IN includes:

Start with a full 60 min Session around the Blue Full Moon 22.August. We open the Akashic records and ask to clear what does not serve your highest good

30 min guidance call 4-7 days after this session- to integrate and process the impressions and realizations that came up

1.September: First group Somatic experiencing/embodiment self-practice is released. For those that choose the ALL IN Activation, I am available for private chat- support

5.September: Group call with New Moon Ceremony

30 min Somatic experiencing guidance with me (1:1) around 7.september

12.September: Group call with guidance and exercises

13.September: Second group Somatic experiencing/embodiment self-practice released

Group call 19.September with Full Moon Ceremony

60 min Session (the 2.nd Full one) with Akashic records & clearing around the Full Moon 21.September

24.Sept: Third group Somatic experiencing/embodiment self-practice released

24.Sepember Q&A

30 min guidance & integration call 4-7 days after the full Session

60 min guidance call (the 3.rd full session) with Gene keys and Human Design reading and somatic clearing around the New Moon 4.October. This is an unique tool to discover your Gifts and Shadows (Archetypes) as well as your unique Energetic blueprint. I do an intuitive reading and somatic guidance with what we discover

3.October: Group call with New Moon Ceremony

4.Oct: Fourth (and last) group Somatic experiencing/embodiment self-practice released

10.October: Group call

17.October Last group call with Full Moon Ceremony

15.Oct: You get your first personalized Somatic experiencing/ embodiment self-practice – created specifically just for you

Full 60 min Session (the 4.the one) around 20.October

30 min guidance call 4-7 days after this session- to integrate and process the impressions that have come up after this

25.Oct: second personalized Somatic experiencing/embodiment self-practice

29.Oct Q&A

We round up with a 30 min guidance Session around 2.November

I close the Course container energetically 3.November – with the Super New Moon

In total you get 10 weeks with 4 Full Sessions that includes full opening and guidance in both Akasic Records and an intuitive Human Design & Gene keys reading, two extra 30 min guidance calls (5 in total), 2 extra somatic exercise created just for you, and personal guidance and support through the 2.5 months journey ❤️

You can sign up (or upgrade) for this option up until 5.September.

Total investment: 621 US dollars // 5555 NOK (includes the Course) This is equivalent to 62 dollars // 555 NOK per week. Add 10% if you want to do the payment in installments

I then make adjustments accordingly to the schedule so you get the same amount of sessions, calls and practices ❤️

If you are in the course- you get to upgrade to ALL IN until 12.September for 673// 6000NOK

Choose ALL IN if you want this option with the Course.
You go to the Sign up form for the Sensual Awakening Course (you can choose just the course there too) by pressing the button below ❤️

About the Course: Sensual Shadow-work for Women

Find freedom, magic and joy


ease and pleasure

in your body and your being

Learn tools and knowledge you`ll have for the rest of your Life

🔥 Learning to transmute pain through embodiment & somatic practices

🔥 Alchemize emotions – go from being reactive to making conscious choices

🔥 Rewire your mind to work for you (not against you)

🔥 Connect with your Divine Guidance – your Intuition

🔥 Getting to know your boundaries and preferences

🔥 Activate your inner radiance

This is an Adventure for Women to heal and reconnect with their Body, Sensitivity, Sensuality and Intuition. To transform “too much” and “too sensitive” to your Gift (because it is!!), and to create a Life with more fun, ease, pleasure and joy

It is a Journey to welcome self-love and acceptance – to connect with deeper self worth. In order to have more – we need to go where those things aren`t – where you have pain, discomfort and want to hide. Sensual shadow-work is to discover where you are holding back and have blockages in your body: because your pain and aches are your body and Soul communicating with you

The course includes 10 weeks Journey with 3 private one-to-one Sessions with me (each 30min), 6 group calls, 4 embodiment exercise, and more- continue reading for more information- or click on the button below to go to the sign up.

❤️ 6 group calls

I open the Container (the group) energetically with the Full Moon 22.August. I then drop the first instructions and exercises, and open up my calendar to book in the first one-to-one online guidance session with me (30 min). There are 3 included in the Course

The first group call is a New Moon ritual Sunday 5.September – and enrollment to the course is open up until this date. I have set the time to 21.00 CET (9 pm). I am prepared to move this if someone joins from a time zone this is not convenient. Replays are available. Set aside 60-90 min for each call.

12.september: Group-call with guidance and exercises

19.September: Group call with Full Moon ritual // ceremony

3.October: Group call with New Moon ritual // ceremony

10. October: Group call with guidance and exercises

17.October: Group call with Full Moon ritual // ceremony

I close the container energetically 3.November. All content is available until this date.

❤️ 3 * Guidance calls with me

Each call 30 minutes. Many things we are shy about to ask in a group. Some things are better to experience. The calls also support you in being accountable and to integrate what you are journeying with

There is one in the beginning (between 22.August and 12.September). In this I guide you in somatic experiencing.

In the middle of the Course (between 19.Sept and 3.October) I take you into the Akashic records to strengthen the energy to letting go of what does not serve you and to welcome what is for your highest good

The last one is a miniature reading of Gene Keys and Human design – an unique tool to discover Gifts and Shadows. You can also choose to have this cover something else. (This one is between 18.Oct and 2.November)

You can also decide to add full Sessions of 60 min for a reduced price, as well as I have created an ALL IN option for those that are ready to dive deeper and get a full activation and awakening

❤️ Online support and answer questions in the group 5 days a week and two 2 live Q & A`s

In the group calls you get to ask me any question, as well as in the group chat.

The live q & a`s are Friday 24.September & Friday 22.October (NOT a group call)

❤️ You get 4 somatic experiencing scrips- I create specially for the energy that is present in the group. It includes Inner Child healing, Connection with your Feminine Essence, Expansion of pain vs pleasure, and to strengthen your Inner Masculine.

𝙎𝙤𝙢𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙘 ~ “𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙗𝙤𝙙𝙮 𝙖𝙨 𝙥𝙚𝙧𝙘𝙚𝙞𝙫𝙚𝙙 𝙛𝙧𝙤𝙢 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣”

Set aside one hour to do the practice- and if you choose to, you get my feedback and guidance by submitting a form with your experience and reflections

❤️ Every week for 10 weeks I give 15 to 45 min content in the group the form on videos or written post. They include journaling and practical exercises. Some subjects we journey with:

pain and suffering
jealousy and comparison
emotional mastery
get more patience (less reactivity)
emotional clearing
what is the ego
how to worry less
connect with you Heart
inner child healing
sexy and radiance
Orgasm and pleasure
how the body and Intuition speaks to us
activation of Psychic senses

My intention is to teach you practical tools and knowledge you can implement in your everyday- and in this reclaiming your own Sovereignty through connecting you with your Intuition- your own inner guidance that always know what is best for you.

Because what is right for me or for another person- might not be for you. The beauty of Life is that we are all unique – and through journeying back to your true Self- you will not only heal yourself but also the world around you

I used to have severe autoimmune problems, depressions – and was constantly feeling I was too much- yet also feeling I was not enough. IT IS POSSIBLE to Liberate yourself from this – I know ❤️

A little bit more about me

I have two Certifications in Somatic Therapy// Experiencing as well as 3.5 years of deep journey into this area, with several courses and hours of practice. Of both giving and receiving Sessions, as well as going through intense coaching myself.

Both of my Certifications are accredited by the International Institute for complementary Therapist. They are renowned modalities that support to rewire the nervous system and create rapid shifts in both mental and bodily functions:

  • Sex & Intimacy Coach through New Paradigm Intimacy // Victoria Redbard
  • The Feminine Frequency Formula through Wildgrace // Sigourney Weldon
  • I am attuned to the Akashic records and speak Light-Language
  • 6 months intensive in Mindfulness
  • Meditation teacher in two different modalities
  • Traditional education is Social Anthropology, Social Economy and Engineering
  • Human Design Projector with 57.6 – Teacher of Intuition // Clarity
  • Soon 42, mother and have had a rich life filled with experiences
  • I can include a long list of courses and other details- and I will provide them to you if needed

I have strong Psychic senses- I feel and see what is going on in other people bodies- this supports me in going deep and also be connected to feeling boundaries and how far//not far to go

I love supporting people finding back to inner bliss and love – and I feel so grateful that this gets to be my work! I would love for you to join ❤️

PS: if you have and questions or something feels unclear, you are so welcome to write me through social media or Telegram