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~ My work is all about empowering people like you to step into your fullness ~

I am a Sex and Intimacy Coach, Energy Healer and Somatic Therapist with three international accredited certifications. I have created a unique and powerful therapeutic method called Sensual Shadow-work and The Clear Method. Combined with my innate intuition and sensitivity, I can assist you in releasing the most stubborn programming in your energetic and biological system, and transform you into a more authentic version of yourself. I guide in Norwegian (Norsk) and English.

I hold 3 Certifications all accredited by The International Institute for Complementary Therapist:

  • Self Pleasure modality™ – Sexuality Practitioner Training (Sex Coach) with New Paradigm of Intimacy.
  • Feminine Frequency Formula™– Feminine Tantric Arts, Embodied Somatic Movement and the Feminine Archetypal Mysteries with Wild Grace.
  • The Self Holding Technique™ – trauma informed practitioner of deep nervous system reset with Soma Mystica.
”Marte's ability to access my energy field and guide me into parts of myself so quickly and easily was amazing. I felt safe to go deep into myself and trust her intuition to bring me where I needed to go. Marte was able to guide me to a place where I don't feel I could have gone on my own. ”

I have a long list of other courses, experience and studies, the most relevant are:

  • Meditation teacher
  • Mindfulness education
  • 6 years in University studying Social Anthropology, Social Economy and 3.5 years of Engineering (Technology Leadership and industrial Economy)
  • I am attuned to the Akashic Records
  • Energy Intuitive  & Psychic with all the senses

Life as the greatest teacher

I am a living proof that the most radical transformation is possible when we embrace all of who we are – Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. 

Life has taken me to many deep valleys and high mountain tops. My life story includes autoimmune issues, deep depression, severe anxiety and being my own worst enemy since childhood. Having transformed this later in life, I am now deeply grounded in my essence and wildly passionate when it comes to supporting others in embracing their own shame, wounds and energetic blocks, and transmuting it into sensual self-love and joy.

My intuition is at the very center of how I work, with strong psychic abilities and a clear energetically intuitive ability. These are key parts in my guidance and support with clients, and in workshops and courses. Without having experienced life’s valleys, I would not have been able to use such a broad spectrum of refined senses as I do. 

I believe we are here for The Human Experience ~ to co-create and interact with life and everything it  includes. Let me assist you in becoming comfortable greeting your shadows with a gentle smile and welcoming the morning sun with a deep stretch – embracing all that is.

”Marte is a woman that breathes authentically what she teaches. I feel safe to be my entire self in her presence. The space she holds is magical and allows you to deepen into your own power and self authority.”
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My name is Marte and I am at level 43 orbits around the sun. I’m a Norwegian, a mother and I live parts of the year in Mexico. Of course, I am so much more. All these identities and roles are partly illusions, they are only fragments of the manifested version of us. So, I am also nothing. And from nothingness you can allow your everythingness to flow. 

Ever since I was a young girl, I was deeply connected to the Divine, Nature, Spirit or whatever we might call It. I found spiritual practices very attractive and quickly learned the art of tarot and self hypnosis already at age 12. I was fascinated with ancient Egypt, astrology, the concept of eternity, black holes and everything that was beneath the surface or above our noses. Early on I was a natural advisor for both other kids and adults. I had the ability to listen beyond words and see through masks and fears. 

Growing up in such a rational society as Norway, I realized I was very different. I didn’t fit into the accepted mold. I tried to squeeze in, become less sensitive, which meant ~ less me.  Sadly this is still the default in our society. To suppress who we really are. To just accept the way things are, and to not be a burden, not to rock the boat, and to NEVER be “too much”. 

WELL, I SAY NO! NO MORE fitting into that claustrophobic box; no wonder disease is the norm both physically, mentally and emotionally?

The GREAT news is that our Lifeforce is HERE ~ waiting to burst out of us ~ this is our WILD AUTHENTIC SELF ~ the part of on the other side of shame and guilt (shadows).

I support You in reclaiming your Divinity ~ the Journey back to your Sensitivity and Sensuality; this is a key aspect to find a life with more ease and joy. By listening within, you can:

This is The AWAKENING ~ the Journey back Home. I believe the solution is to connect with our Intuition. To listen to our Divine Self guiding us in our everyday life. It is our inner compass ~ and it supports us in quantum leaps ~ because the Divine Self is not bound to this timeline and dimension. Unlike the ego mind that needs to see physical proof in order to take action ~ our Intuition sees beyond, so you do not need to take the linear path of A, B, C, D… It supports you in jumping from A to P, or maybe into a whole new alphabet?

I would be honored and grateful to support you in your unfoldment through a Session, have a look at the different theraputic options available online. I welcome your questions through social media or e-mail to Marte@uridesign.no.

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What I support with in Sessions include:

  • Reconnect with Intuition and the body
  • Discover purpose and gifts
  • Overcome anxiety, grief and trauma
  • To move through energetic blocks or physical pain
  • Manage stress better
  • Find more success in career or relationships  
  • Have more pleasure and ease in Life and the body
  • Deepen /develop Psychic abilities

More testimonials:

”I had a beautiful and very healing session with Marte. I was able to help forgive myself and release something I had been holding onto deeply. She was able to pinpoint what needed to be cleared and also brought a different perspective that allowed shame and guilt to be released . I felt very held and supported in the session. Marte is very tapped in and knows exactly what she is doing. I highly recommend these sessions with her. ”

”Marte is epic. She will bring you to your edge and invite you to meet it. Dropped into some parts of myself I have never experienced before and it's good to be unravelling with these bits.”

”I found Marte's approach well organized, thorough and professional. Marte used a range of 'tools' and methods to assist me in activating dark masculine energy which was my intention - she has a deep understanding of the energies and how to evoke them. Marte is a powerful coach and I would definitely recommend her, especially if you are ready to explore all of you ”

“I found many aspects of our session helpful. Marte's way of communicating is very direct, which I love. She has a way of guiding me through finding the answer myself, through questions, metaphors and knowledge. ”
”Marte has her own way of interacting and truly can see things that I wasn't being present with. She is mindful and piercing in her way of helping me connect with my body and working thru guilt, shame and blocks naturally and insightfully. She's highly intuitive. ”

”Your guidance helped to stay on track and in the body. And also your straight to the point energy. It opened up places in me and gave me new understandings. All the aspects were helpful. I felt safe, you have depth and knowledge. ”

"The amount of content we received was amazing. We were really given a lot of wisdom. 
Marte really cares and shares her soul work and own medicine with us. She wants us all to shine. I feel so inspired how Marte healed her autoimmune dis-ease I'm trying to heal the same." 

“I am loving Martes' take on the struggles of getting to the core of your essence when it comes to sensuality / sexuality. In her groups there is also always room for whatever you bring and however you need to show up. That makes it so easy to share, and to build the sacred container for healing amongst the participants.” HV

"In this time I have noticed an increase in my sensitivity to my body and in turn an awareness of my body and its communication with me.  This has resulted in an increase in my self love and an ease felt within my body in presence with what is being felt in communion regardless of what it is.   There is a heightened awareness of everything that is felt within me, an acknowledgement and me being even more able to feel and support myself."

I've had 4 sessions with Marte, including a clear, scan and Gene Keys / Human Design session. My sessions with Marte were so powerful. Marte held my space with such fluidity and presence, knowing exactly how to guide me through them, and the words that come to me are love, flow, nurture, intuition, and character. I felt safe, held, and guided. I had a major breakthrough and powerful release that have helped me dive even deeper into who I am and embrace the parts I am uncovering. Thank you so much Marte. It's been mind blowing." Sophie A

“Working with Marte has made me aware of how high my level of stress was in everyday life. Not coming from too many tasks, but being a trauma-response to events in my life that I had no control over. I had no idea that it was even possible to address this. In a short time I am now much more aware of my own reactions and feelings. I spend more time doing things that lifts my energy. I warmly recommend working with Marte.” HR

"In these three sessions Marte held space for me to drop deeper into my body and experience where I hold tension. Guided me through deep breathing exercises and created space where I felt safe enough to open and process events I usually don’t go to. Her suggestions were extremely helpful for me and also supportive of my own intuition. Through the process I already felt a pull to continue working with her. Thank you." 
Testimonial in Norwegian // NORSK

"Jeg har fått en trygghet i meg selv som jeg aldri har hatt. Jeg føler at jeg har kvittet meg med enorme mengder skam og blitt nysgjerrig på meg selv, på en veldig positiv måte." Julia

"Sensual Awakening var et øyeåpnende kurs for meg. Jeg kjente meg trygg med Martes innsiktsfulle og kjærlige veiledning godt ispedd med humor og letthet. Det gjorde at jeg turte å gå dypere i meg selv enn noen gang før. Bli kjent med min femininitet og indre gudinne. Jeg kan varmt anbefale dette kurset for modige kvinner som er klare for å åpne opp og gå på oppdagelsesferd i seg selv. Jeg skal bli med på kurs 2!"
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