Sensual Shadow-work

Journey with me to rediscover your Wild Authentic Soul

Want to transform your Life?
   You have come to the right place - I support people in radical transformations through Sensual Shadow-work, Mindset rewiring and Energetic support
  • Certified Sex and Intimacy Coach
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher
  • Psychic and Energy Intuitive

Marte Relling Uri

⟴ Soul Healer

Since a young Girl I have been able to feel peoples blocks and understand how to transmute them

How to work with me

Online Session

I use video call though Zoom. You can use the link below to find a time, and choose to work with me single session at a time or for longer periods.

Online session vs in person session you can read HERE

I offer free mini sessions and calls to share about the different ways to work with me. If you want this, then fill out this form and I will get in touch with you

Online Courses

Currently I have chosen to focus on one:to:one work and in person workshops. I am developing self study Courses and expect to release them in September and November.

In person work

I offer in person work at selected times in Oslo and Ålesund from april until mid October.

OPEN DAY (åpen dag) in Oslo 22.September from 12-23 More information HERE

I am in Mexico from mid October to end of March. I am mainly in Puerto Escondido area, but I also travel to other parts.


What People Say

”Marte is a woman that breathes authentically what she teaches. I feel safe to be my entire self in her presence. The space she holds is magical and allows you to deepen into your own power and self authority.”

From another embodiment Coach

”Marte is epic. She will bring you to your edge and invite you to meet it. Dropped into some parts of myself I have never experienced before and it’s good to be unravelling with these bits.”


“Marte, I loved how you held me . The space was so safe that just by being in your presence , I came back to love and my body and dropped everything that was coming in between. And you held me so beautifully through it all! I felt I am wrapped in the most softest blanket of love ever! I felt seen for who I really am. No judgment, no projections! Nothing just pure love ! Thank you for life changing session Marte!”


My guidance is a unique combination of Somatic guidance and Mindset rewiring

Psychic abilities support me in going deep with the tools and knowledge I have acquired from my education, certifications, courses and my life experience: from a life filled with depression and auto-immune problems my Life is now an everyday Adventure

”Marte’s ability to access my energy field and guide me into parts of myself so quickly and easily was amazing. I felt safe to go deep into myself and trust her intuition to bring me were I needed to go. Marte was able to guide me to a place where I don’t feel I could have gone on my own. Thank you.” Jeremy Szucs

Articles and resources

To awaken your body and reconnect with your Authentic Self- so you get to welcome more pleasure, fun, ease and joy in your Life

  • Åpen dag OSLO// Open day
    Denne torsdagen (22.sept) inviterer jeg til åpen dag //This Thursday 22.Sept I have rented a space hold an open day event in Oslo during my Oslo trip. I will start with sharing details in Norwegian first, and then scroll down to find the info in English Jeg har leid et lokale på Bislett for dagenContinue reading “Åpen dag OSLO// Open day”
  • The slow & quickest way to Self Love
    This past months I have increasingly turned up the volume on my “shadow-work” – and the same time the volume of SELF LOVE is so beautiful that I catch myself crying of gratitude pretty much every day How? By doing less!! Since new years there have been A LOT of feeling the opposite in myContinue reading “The slow & quickest way to Self Love”
  • The CLEAR Method
    Would you like more clarity of what is at the root of your blocks, shadows and challenges, and how they can guide you to your unique Gifts and reconnect to your true Self? Then The Clear Sessions is the perfect for you: as the intention and mission of this Healing modality is to give youContinue reading “The CLEAR Method”

I would love to hear from you – supporting people is my Soul mission