Self exercise RESOURCES

Here is a list of some of the Self Pleasure scrips that I have made ~ another word for Self Pleasure is Somatic experiencing; experiencing the World from within. These are my creations, and I gift them to you and hope they will give you value. If they inspire you and you want to use them in any way: refer to my name and this page. Thank you for acting with integrity and respect in this ❤️

It is the Feminine type of Mediation: connecting to the Divine through your body- EMBODIMENT ~ a key component in INNER UNION

We are all everything ~ and we all have Feminine and Masculine forces within us ~ and in reality there is no separation ~ and we use these words and “boxes” as tools to discover part of ourselves ~ and be mindful of not becoming trapped in the “box”//by the tools that are meant to be there for your discovery of disintegration of the illusion of all kinds of Separation

These scrips are created to connect with different parts of Energies within you ~ so you get to welcome these parts home: Soul pieces coming back into the integrity of the Whole of You ~ almost like magic spells to connect with your body ❤️

For people that work with me in one-to-one or in a Course, you can choose to order an individual created Somatic Scrip- tailed for what is to your benefit. Booking page

I also want to recommend my two recent videos about Self Love, you find them on YouTube. I plan on doing two new videos on this subject the coming week too (on instagram + will upload to youTube)


Inner Child healing and Quan Yin support: SOFTENING into yourself and your Heart ~ A self practice to be with and release this dense emotion, that usually cause a lot of stuck Emotions in your Energy. Most of these core wounds are from Childhood or past lives.
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