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A somatic script (self pleasure script) to explore and be with your emotions and body. Please note that if you use any aspects or parts of my work, that you refer to me and with a link to my page. Thank you for acting in integrity and with respect

You need: A space you can move around + a space you can comfortably lie down and where you can be totally undisturbed. Maybe lock the door? Pull the curtains? You will need a speaker to play the music from, and putting your phone on silent + removing so any notifications that will pop up. Preferably Feel free to make a ritual/ceremonial space with candles, incense, stones etc. Create ambient and a cosy atmosphere.

Read through the description below, and make some short notes if you need to. Note that the important thing is to take the time to BE with you body (not follow instructions to the dot- other then making a commitment to take this time to BE with yourself all the way to the end. All kinds of emotions and bodily reaction is both normal and healthy to be with. This is a moving meditation- where you practice being with your Feminine Emotional body. Your tools to explore and be with your body is Breath, Sound, Awareness, Touch and Movement. If your body wants to release through yawn, burp or farts that is great! This is some of the ways that blocks clear our body. I invite you to completely let go of how you look; to put your attention to how it FEELS (within)

This script is based on the playlist here:

Make sure that the playlist plays in the order I have put them, and that there is no song that automatically starts after the last song on the list. The playlist is 40 min. An advice is to get familiar with song 7, so that you will detect that song when it comes on. The music is simply the backdrop to support you in connecting with the deeper parts of your subconscious//body. So let go of needing to move to the rhythm or in any way follow it unless it feels completely in tune with what is alive inside of your body.
SONG 1: Lying you are going to use a Tantra breath I have learned from tantra practitioner Bonnie Rose. You lie flat in "Corpse" position (on your back, with hands and feet to the side, making sure nothing is crossing and with a straight spine). You inhale through your nose deep into your body for as long as possible: keep inhaling and inhaling and inhaling as long as you can- and when feel like can not inhale more- take one more, before you exhale out with a sound. Breathe normally a few times, and then repeat. Do this the whole song.

SONG 2: While lying down: moving gently all of your limbs- one at a time. Gently stretch and roll. Explore and be curious about your joints, muscles and bones- from the INSIDE. Pay in particular attention to your hip and pelvic area. I encourage you to move gently and be curios- and to accept all kinds of pain, tightness, numbness, tingling etc 

SONG 3: The same type of exploration- this time moving from lying down to sitting up. Remember to invite breath and sound into your exploration. I invite you to welcome the picture of being a seedling that grows. Pay in particular attention to your neck- rolling and gently stretching 
Song 4: Standing up - exploring your body in the same way. In particular paying attention to your hips- rolling and stretching them with straight soft arms

Song 5: continue moving and exploring your body while standing up- and I invite you to explore unexpected and unusual ways (new) ways to move. Playing with fast to slow movements; soft to big movements; rigid to fluid movements. I invite you to pay in particular attention to including the hips in the movements

Song 6: In how many ways can you walk and shake? Do one at a time and both. The intention is to shake ALL of the body- both at the same time, and as individual parts. Explore and play

song 7: Stop your movements: do deep inhales through the nose while holding one hand over the Heart and the other over the lower part of the belly/upper parts of the genitals. Do 3 deep inhales and exhales standing still. And then continue doing so while gently moving/swaying to the (inner) music

Song 8: Lying down- keep connecting with you Heart and lower belly. Softly but deeply inhale through your nose first into your Heart, then a second one into your belly. Exhale firm but softly though the nose. Keeping you awareness on your breath and your body- every time you notice you think, you bring it back to breath and the body.

Song 9: Continue lying down- being with your body- letting your breath be natural

I invite you to spend some time afterwards on reflecting and being with what came up.

I welcome you sharing your reflections and experiences with this script with me through social media (link above), and I also support one to one in Sensual shadow-work sessions, Mindset reboot, and Energy reading and guidance.

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