Online sessions vs in Person

I want to first acknowledge that up until about 1.5 years ago I was deeply sceptic towards online space, and thought it to be inferior -or that it would not work. I said no to lots of opportunities with this as an excuse, until – because of some very fortunate misunderstandings – “suddenly” was enrolled into an 6 months online Certification.

I want to add; the most lucky misunderstanding that forever changed my Life in the most beautiful way. And of course it was no coincidence- because everything has a meaning and a purpose.

The online certification included lots of online one-to-one sessions as well group calls, and with that not only did it open up this beautiful portal of self discovery ((online sessions)); but also sent me in a rapid transformation Journey that every day is transforming and blossoming of my Life into an Adventure and deep Self Love discovery. One that never would have been possible for if I did not explore the online world and it`s opportunities (because one simply limit most of the options in the World if Geography//proximity is a requirement?

So not only do I hold online sessions (and courses) in high regard now- in fact for certain types of “work” I prefer online!

The short version is: Energy knows no boundaries and limits, and yet there are certain energetics that will affect more in proximity. And thus—

The benefit of online:

  • It is on your terms and home-space (or your selected space). So instead of doing the vulnerable thing of entering “my domain”, we are on equal terms, as in both are in our own space.
  • At any time you can press escape and end the session. That is not something I encourage- rather the opposite- but the benefit is that it is easier for you to feel in control (because you are). This have you relax more
  • If we are entering into “taboo” areas; it is easier for you to not be affected by my energy or presence- because there is that distance and you being in your home-space (familiarity). As in there will be less shame or easier to let this go and open up (and the more you open up, the more we can transform).
  • If we work on sexuality or anger/aggression- I am safe to bring you to the edge without worrying of my own safety. That means that more of my presence will be about YOU- and not having have to use energy to protect my own space and sphere. You can also safely let yourself go- as you are alone in your own space.
  • My direct Aura/Energy will affect you less= you have more focus on your own Energy.
  • It is easier for you to stay within yourself & “forget” my presence/that I am there.
  • When the Session is over- you are in your own home. No need to drive or walk anywhere, or worry about your appearance. You can lie down, make yourself a cup of tea – cry, scream, make a happy dance- or what ever you feel like.
  • It is somewhat easier to integrate the session into your own life; because it happened in your own space.

The benefit of in person:

  • I use element like Ceremonial Cacao and other elements to create an intimate atmosphere
  • Physical touch to bring you back into your body is possible
  • It is a bit more challenging to just to disappear/escape
  • My Aura will directly affect you- because our Energy field is picked up by other people- words are not needed to create an impact. This is even more so in person
  • It is a separate space then your familiar surroundings- and this in itself brings you into a mindset of change/transformation
  • My presence can give the comfort of not feeling like you are alone

I could write more, but maybe you get the idea? An online session is created as an online Session, and you will get 100% benefit from it, and an online sessions would not be better in person; they are simply a different experience. Both holds elements of the same- and both have their own unique advantages.

I would be honored to support you in a Session- HERE is the link to my booking page

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