The slow & quickest way to Self Love

This past months I have increasingly turned up the volume on my “shadow-work” – and the same time the volume of SELF LOVE is so beautiful that I catch myself crying of gratitude pretty much every day How? By doing less!! Since new years there have been A LOT of feeling the opposite in myContinue reading “The slow & quickest way to Self Love”

SOUL RETRIVAL ~ Sensual Shadow-work

Finding your lost Soul parts requires to go deep into the Shadows and even darkness; to re-remember parts of you you have expelled, suppressed, forgotten or ignored. That’s what Sensual Shadow-work is about To locate blocks to your inner security to completely be fully you Going deep is to enter into and stay with theContinue reading “SOUL RETRIVAL ~ Sensual Shadow-work”

Online sessions vs in Person

I want to first acknowledge that up until about 1.5 years ago I was deeply sceptic towards online space, and thought it to be inferior -or that it would not work. I said no to lots of opportunities with this as an excuse, until – because of some very fortunate misunderstandings – “suddenly” was enrolledContinue reading “Online sessions vs in Person”

Sensual Shadow-work: Activation of your Wild Flow

I am currently enrolling Women for my second round of Sensual Shadow-work course, and I can tell you that the course have gotten A SERIOUS upgrade! And with it the option to get ALL IN full activation of the Energy of this course from me through working more one-on-one. I saw in the course leadingContinue reading “Sensual Shadow-work: Activation of your Wild Flow”