Sensual Shadow-work: Activation of your Wild Flow

I am currently enrolling Women for my second round of Sensual Shadow-work course, and I can tell you that the course have gotten A SERIOUS upgrade! And with it the option to get ALL IN full activation of the Energy of this course from me through working more one-on-one.

I saw in the course leading 10 women, that the ones that choose to have a Session with me had bigger transformation than the ones that did not choose this. It left me feeling frustrated to be honest, since my biggest joy in Life is to help people create transformations and turn their life around

So in this round the Course includes 3 activations of 30 min with me, and the option to add full Sessions of 60 min. Because there will “always” be blind spots we can not see, as well as when we have the support of a Coach, you can go deeper because this person will hold you. (In solo work we need to hold ourselves.)

I have been called to stop being shy, and to embrace and own just how strong a Catalyst and Activation my Energetic blueprint have in the World. If you know Human Design and Gene Keys and saw my Chart- well- I am “created”. The short version is Projector with life’s work Teacher of Intuition & Clarity (57.6) with Emotional Authority❤️

SO– There is the “ALL IN” option: and it turns me on 🔥 to connect with how beautiful and transformative this transmission // activation is.

This option is for the Souls that are ready to go BIG- that are ready to turn their life ON 🔥 🔥 🔥 If you are reading this- you probably are ❤️

Under I will give an overview of what this ALL IN includes:

Start with a full 60 min Session around the Blue Full Moon 22.August. We open the Akashic records and ask to clear what does not serve your highest good

30 min guidance call 4-7 days after this session- to integrate and process the impressions and realizations that came up

1.September: First group Somatic experiencing/embodiment self-practice is released. For those that choose the ALL IN Activation, I am available for private chat- support

5.September: Group call with New Moon Ceremony

30 min Somatic experiencing guidance with me (1:1) around 7.september

12.September: Group call with guidance and exercises

13.September: Second group Somatic experiencing/embodiment self-practice released

Group call 19.September with Full Moon Ceremony

60 min Session (the 2.nd Full one) with Akashic records & clearing around the Full Moon 21.September

24.Sept: Third group Somatic experiencing/embodiment self-practice released

24.Sepember Q&A

30 min guidance & integration call 4-7 days after the full Session

60 min guidance call (the 3.rd full session) with Gene keys and Human Design reading and somatic clearing around the New Moon 4.October. This is an unique tool to discover your Gifts and Shadows (Archetypes) as well as your unique Energetic blueprint. I do an intuitive reading and somatic guidance with what we discover

3.October: Group call with New Moon Ceremony

4.Oct: Fourth (and last) group Somatic experiencing/embodiment self-practice released

10.October: Group call

17.October Last group call with Full Moon Ceremony

15.Oct: You get your first personalized Somatic experiencing/ embodiment self-practice – created specifically just for you

Full 60 min Session (the 4.the one) around 20.October

30 min guidance call 4-7 days after this session- to integrate and process the impressions that have come up after this

25.Oct: second personalized Somatic experiencing/embodiment self-practice

29.Oct Q&A

We round up with a 30 min guidance Session around 2.November

I close the Course container energetically 3.November – with the Super New Moon

In total you get 10 weeks with 4 Full Sessions that includes full opening and guidance in both Akasic Records and an intuitive Human Design & Gene keys reading, two extra 30 min guidance calls (5 in total), 2 extra somatic exercise created just for you, and personal guidance and support through the 2.5 months journey ❤️

You can sign up (or upgrade) for this option up until 5.September.

Total investment: 621 US dollars // 5555 NOK (includes the Course) This is equivalent to 62 dollars // 555 NOK per week. Add 10% if you want to do the payment in installments

I then make adjustments accordingly to the schedule so you get the same amount of sessions, calls and practices ❤️

If you are in the course- you get to upgrade to ALL IN until 12.September for 673// 6000NOK

Choose ALL IN if you want this option with the Course.
You go to the Sign up form for the Sensual Awakening Course (you can choose just the course there too) by pressing the button below ❤️

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