About the Course: Sensual Shadow-work for Women

Find freedom, magic and joy


ease and pleasure

in your body and your being

Learn tools and knowledge you`ll have for the rest of your Life

🔥 Learning to transmute pain through embodiment & somatic practices

🔥 Alchemize emotions – go from being reactive to making conscious choices

🔥 Rewire your mind to work for you (not against you)

🔥 Connect with your Divine Guidance – your Intuition

🔥 Getting to know your boundaries and preferences

🔥 Activate your inner radiance

This is an Adventure for Women to heal and reconnect with their Body, Sensitivity, Sensuality and Intuition. To transform “too much” and “too sensitive” to your Gift (because it is!!), and to create a Life with more fun, ease, pleasure and joy

It is a Journey to welcome self-love and acceptance – to connect with deeper self worth. In order to have more – we need to go where those things aren`t – where you have pain, discomfort and want to hide. Sensual shadow-work is to discover where you are holding back and have blockages in your body: because your pain and aches are your body and Soul communicating with you

The course includes 10 weeks Journey with 3 private one-to-one Sessions with me (each 30min), 6 group calls, 4 embodiment exercise, and more- continue reading for more information- or click on the button below to go to the sign up.

❤️ 6 group calls

I open the Container (the group) energetically with the Full Moon 22.August. I then drop the first instructions and exercises, and open up my calendar to book in the first one-to-one online guidance session with me (30 min). There are 3 included in the Course

The first group call is a New Moon ritual Sunday 5.September – and enrollment to the course is open up until this date. I have set the time to 21.00 CET (9 pm). I am prepared to move this if someone joins from a time zone this is not convenient. Replays are available. Set aside 60-90 min for each call.

12.september: Group-call with guidance and exercises

19.September: Group call with Full Moon ritual // ceremony

3.October: Group call with New Moon ritual // ceremony

10. October: Group call with guidance and exercises

17.October: Group call with Full Moon ritual // ceremony

I close the container energetically 3.November. All content is available until this date.

❤️ 3 * Guidance calls with me

Each call 30 minutes. Many things we are shy about to ask in a group. Some things are better to experience. The calls also support you in being accountable and to integrate what you are journeying with

There is one in the beginning (between 22.August and 12.September). In this I guide you in somatic experiencing.

In the middle of the Course (between 19.Sept and 3.October) I take you into the Akashic records to strengthen the energy to letting go of what does not serve you and to welcome what is for your highest good

The last one is a miniature reading of Gene Keys and Human design – an unique tool to discover Gifts and Shadows. You can also choose to have this cover something else. (This one is between 18.Oct and 2.November)

You can also decide to add full Sessions of 60 min for a reduced price, as well as I have created an ALL IN option for those that are ready to dive deeper and get a full activation and awakening

❤️ Online support and answer questions in the group 5 days a week and two 2 live Q & A`s

In the group calls you get to ask me any question, as well as in the group chat.

The live q & a`s are Friday 24.September & Friday 22.October (NOT a group call)

❤️ You get 4 somatic experiencing scrips- I create specially for the energy that is present in the group. It includes Inner Child healing, Connection with your Feminine Essence, Expansion of pain vs pleasure, and to strengthen your Inner Masculine.

𝙎𝙤𝙢𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙘 ~ “𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙗𝙤𝙙𝙮 𝙖𝙨 𝙥𝙚𝙧𝙘𝙚𝙞𝙫𝙚𝙙 𝙛𝙧𝙤𝙢 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣”

Set aside one hour to do the practice- and if you choose to, you get my feedback and guidance by submitting a form with your experience and reflections

❤️ Every week for 10 weeks I give 15 to 45 min content in the group the form on videos or written post. They include journaling and practical exercises. Some subjects we journey with:

pain and suffering
jealousy and comparison
emotional mastery
get more patience (less reactivity)
emotional clearing
what is the ego
how to worry less
connect with you Heart
inner child healing
sexy and radiance
Orgasm and pleasure
how the body and Intuition speaks to us
activation of Psychic senses

My intention is to teach you practical tools and knowledge you can implement in your everyday- and in this reclaiming your own Sovereignty through connecting you with your Intuition- your own inner guidance that always know what is best for you.

Because what is right for me or for another person- might not be for you. The beauty of Life is that we are all unique – and through journeying back to your true Self- you will not only heal yourself but also the world around you

I used to have severe autoimmune problems, depressions – and was constantly feeling I was too much- yet also feeling I was not enough. IT IS POSSIBLE to Liberate yourself from this – I know ❤️

A little bit more about me

I have two Certifications in Somatic Therapy// Experiencing as well as 3.5 years of deep journey into this area, with several courses and hours of practice. Of both giving and receiving Sessions, as well as going through intense coaching myself.

Both of my Certifications are accredited by the International Institute for complementary Therapist. They are renowned modalities that support to rewire the nervous system and create rapid shifts in both mental and bodily functions:

  • Sex & Intimacy Coach through New Paradigm Intimacy // Victoria Redbard
  • The Feminine Frequency Formula through Wildgrace // Sigourney Weldon
  • I am attuned to the Akashic records and speak Light-Language
  • 6 months intensive in Mindfulness
  • Meditation teacher in two different modalities
  • Traditional education is Social Anthropology, Social Economy and Engineering
  • Human Design Projector with 57.6 – Teacher of Intuition // Clarity
  • Soon 42, mother and have had a rich life filled with experiences
  • I can include a long list of courses and other details- and I will provide them to you if needed

I have strong Psychic senses- I feel and see what is going on in other people bodies- this supports me in going deep and also be connected to feeling boundaries and how far//not far to go

I love supporting people finding back to inner bliss and love – and I feel so grateful that this gets to be my work! I would love for you to join ❤️

PS: if you have and questions or something feels unclear, you are so welcome to write me through social media or Telegram

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