Sensuelt Skyggearbeid- online kurs på norsk begynner 26.april

Har du lyst til å ha mindre smerte på din spirituelle reise, og mer glede, nytelse og myket? Det er det dette online kurset handler om. Vi kaller det “Sensuelt skyggearbeid” (Sensual shadow-work)- der vi lokaliserer og transmuterer blokkeringer på sensualitet i livet ditt. SENS-ualitet: å være i dyp kontakt med sine sanser. Dette erContinue reading “Sensuelt Skyggearbeid- online kurs på norsk begynner 26.april”

Sensual Self-love and Joy for MEN: group-course

Letting go of guilt and shame for having a penis- learning to love it even more. And also learning how many Women wants to be love by a Cock Connecting your Heart and your Cock: so you can have, receive and give more pleasure and joy- through the strong presence that is needed in theContinue reading “Sensual Self-love and Joy for MEN: group-course”

Support, inspiration and reflection tips if you are in a painful or confusing place/ transformation

Transformation can often feel like being gutted and upside down? A suspension where you are disoriented, confused and with lots of pain and suffering… However it is possible to reduce the amount of suffering in the process, and with this video I hope to inspire and support. I also offer Sessions and mentoring online ifContinue reading “Support, inspiration and reflection tips if you are in a painful or confusing place/ transformation”

The slow & quickest way to Self Love

This past months I have increasingly turned up the volume on my “shadow-work” – and the same time the volume of SELF LOVE is so beautiful that I catch myself crying of gratitude pretty much every day How? By doing less!! Since new years there have been A LOT of feeling the opposite in myContinue reading “The slow & quickest way to Self Love”

4 month Sensual Shadow-work Journey with me 1:1

4 month one to one guidance with me- into the Mystery of your Body to reconnect with your Wild Soul//Self. This is a deep dive into the depths of your Shadows/subconscious, where utilize tools like archetypes, somatic therapy, Energy clearing, Embodiment tools, mediations and mindset rewiring – and if you so, desire also Gene keys and Human Design.Continue reading “4 month Sensual Shadow-work Journey with me 1:1”