WOW- it feels quite unreal to share: today is the release date of my book😍 I feel a bit shy and vulnerable. Because to write my chapter was a huge process and set in motion so many things.

My writing ended up very raw, because the deadline approached and I just had to send it off as it was: because my body and energy couldn`t open the text without things arising.

So I trusted that however it now is, is how it needs to be ❤

“The Intuitive Goddess” is a co-author book with 14 other Women,: We all have overcome loss, illness heartbreak and rejection. We all have rebuilt ourselves, and share our stories to inspire YOU to know that anything and everything gets to be your GOLD

It’s available for 0.99c for the next 24 hours only and all proceeds are going to Rainbow Trust.

Buy your copy and read my story here ❤

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