Sensual Self-love and Joy for MEN: group-course

Letting go of guilt and shame for having a penis- learning to love it even more. And also learning how many Women wants to be love by a Cock

Connecting your Heart and your Cock: so you can have, receive and give more pleasure and joy- through the strong presence that is needed in the World

Some of the topics we will cover:

  • What does Women really want?
  • How to meet shame and guilt
  • Transmuting the shame of being oppressor of Witches/Women
  • Letting go of old programming around sex & women
  • Boundaries and consent
  • Self pleasure as more than masturbation
  • Expansion of pleasure and deeper orgasms
  • Intimacy beyond Sex
  • Create intimacy in Sex


To become aware of the damage that porn has created on their sexuality- porn being an industry that is based on triggering dopamine hit and a shadow-sexuality. It creates a sexuality that is dependent on more and more heavy friction and visuals, and takes away the in-body presence that is needed in order to have truly amazing orgasms and connection with oneself -and a sexual partner

To create a different path to TRUE and deep pleasure

We will also address the Energetic wounds that in particular Males carry when it comes to being violator and abuser of Women throughout History- for instance in the Witch hunt and other kinds of suppression. Because it is time to release and let this Energy go so we can focus on what we want to CREATE

The energy for shame being freed to use for creation!

The Course will have 6 group calls where I will guide the calls. And 3 group calls with the Womens group. So in total 9 calls.

Any and every share and question is welcomed – yes encouraged- in the group and in the calls.

Every week you get a transmission from me, with reflections to contemplate as well as exercises you are encouraged to implement

This course has been long on the way- however what have me finally say OK, NOW I AM DOING IT, was after the interaction to the right above. It was a guy that contacted me that started to come with sexual innuendos and then in the end these become very direct. When I then needed to be very clear with my boundaries, he responded with anger. This is sadly a normal thing for me, and I see how it is totally unnecessary. First of all to know more about how Women often thinks and feels, but also that to receive a boundary expression actually can be a wonderful way to create true connection. The Womens course was created 2 years ago when another woman slut-shamed me. And I decided to take my power back

A bit about me:

43 years from Norway and a mother of a girl of soon 10 years old. I divorced 12 years ago and have had several connection after this divorce. 2 years ago I choose celibacy for 1.5 years, and it is only the past 6 months I am open for sex again. However I have not found myself often saying yes. Because the quality of sex and intimacy I crave are deeper than what many can give. This course is made from the desire to give Men the opportunity to step into their Lovership in a way that will benefit themselves and Women around them.

I have 3 Certifications in international accredited Modalities as:

  • Sex & Intimacy Coach from New Paradigm Intimacy
  • Teacher of The Feminine Formula from Wild Grace
  • Trauma informed Practitioner of The Self Holding Method (Deep Nervous system reset)
  • I also have traditional education in Social Anthropology, Social Economy, Technology Leadership & Engineering.
  • I have Energy Intuitive and psychic abilities.

You find the intake form and more info here

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