Support, inspiration and reflection tips if you are in a painful or confusing place/ transformation

Transformation can often feel like being gutted and upside down? A suspension where you are disoriented, confused and with lots of pain and suffering… However it is possible to reduce the amount of suffering in the process, and with this video I hope to inspire and support. I also offer Sessions and mentoring online if you want to go deeper/have more personal guidance and support in your shadow-work/illumination.

It is a necessary and normal part of the Awakening journey: and to KNOW this, can be a huge relief in itself?

The length of the suspension will depend on several factors:

  • How big is the patterns or wound?
  • Because the bigger/deeper, the more pain is released?
  • How aware are you? As in taking time to feel with-in?
  • Do you allow the process? Or do you try to “fix it” with distractions or tools to “make it go away”?
  • And the more consciousness is allowed to drop in (shadows being releveled), the bigger the change, and then as shared before this will then usually mean a longer period or more pain: IN THE SHORT RUN. Meaning that if you allow it, it can actually be super painful, but you get truly over the wound if you dare to fully feel? So in long term: less pain?
  • If in inner resistance, as in fighting what is trying to come to the surface/let go.. then suffering occurs. Meaning the cycle will keep repeating and last longer..
  • Is there the right kind of support? Because you are not meant to do it (all) by yourself? Some things we need to be with by ourselves. And in order to learn and evolve we need to walk the path ourselves. However to learn from others? To have someone hold your hand? To have someone support you with guidance? AND to make sure it is a good fit – because the bad kind of help just makes it more difficult?

Keep in mind that the pain is you breaking out of a too small box/form?!

Can you allow the process of illumination?

  • To heal is to expand your comfort zone: gradually more revelations /light /awareness occur
  • This is to enter into the Shadows and darkness -it is a journey into the underworld -the VOID
  • What needs to die?
  • What layers, patterns and identity is no longer serving you?
  • Is keeping you small?

Be mindful of making too many plans when you are in this stage, when you are in the revelation process.

Can you BE with patience?

To create a set plan now, would be to create from the old mindset, and/or from your painbody?

I invite you to dance with your fear and pain? Meaning to be curious? To remind yourself that this too shall pass?

BUT to also truly allow yourself to feel it all? Because after all, the reason why this is a wound, is because it was previously suppressed?

So feel what hurts?

And also keep in your energy field that in 5 seconds, 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days or 5 months- you perspective could completely change?

Have you experienced that? That something you felt like was the end of the world, a bit later you see was a blessing in disguise?

When we are in the transition- as in feeling disoriented or confused- we are in fact creating a NEW pathway: it is a suspension- you are waiting for the dust to settle so things can become clearer for you. Pushing for it.. will only create a new pattern you then later will have to let go of.. or to keep repeating this pattern?!

However- it is also important in this phase to dare to turn your back to things you are dissatisfied with! To truly sit with and feel the absence and lack: they are messengers!!

Unsatisfying substitutes are worse than nothing!!! Because they take up space for the new to enter! Because they take away energy that could go to awareness/exploration or creation of what you truly want!!

  • Where have you created connections out of lack?
  • From fear of being alone? *survival mode*!
  • Where are you filling up your time with things that is draining you? numbing and suppressing
  • // keeping in mind that sometimes we do need a break – and that`s very okay!! In fact I encourage you to also allow yourself to ask for relief through support //
  • Maybe some people or situations needs to go?
  • Or be challenged to evolve?

Reconnect with your inner Core; your authentic Self- cultivate your strength

  • What is it you are passionate about?
  • -Often this is connected to where/when you feel anger!
  • -Or where/when you feel too much!

Feel into your body:

  • What have your Heart beat faster?
  • When do you get butterflies in the stomach? (This is often confused with anxiety!)
  • When does your genitals tingle or you feel a bit turned on?

Because that IS sensuality- when our sensitivity empowers us by our body communicating that THIS feels good, OR this does NOT feel good

Meet all of this with open curiosity? Everything and anything!

Because you do not know what you do not know!!?

As I asked before, often we think something is really bad, or good, and then later we see differently.. SO:

  • Where do you feel/see glimmers of light?
  • What is a strength/ability that simply needs a bit more time to fully land?

You WILL fly soon ❤️

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