Sensual shadow-work for Men: awaken your LOVER and Sacred Masculinity

Men- your body is sacred and beautiful 🔥 And just like I want women to find liberation and joy in their body and sensuality- I want to see ALL MEN embrace and find this in themselves and in life too ❤ And the path is not the same for a female and male body- andContinue reading “Sensual shadow-work for Men: awaken your LOVER and Sacred Masculinity”

Sensual Shadow-work: Activation of your Wild Flow

I am currently enrolling Women for my second round of Sensual Shadow-work course, and I can tell you that the course have gotten A SERIOUS upgrade! And with it the option to get ALL IN full activation of the Energy of this course from me through working more one-on-one. I saw in the course leadingContinue reading “Sensual Shadow-work: Activation of your Wild Flow”

About the Course: Sensual Shadow-work for Women

Learn tools and knowledge you`ll have for the rest of your Life 🔥 Learning to transmute pain through embodiment & somatic practices 🔥 Alchemize emotions – go from being reactive to making conscious choices 🔥 Rewire your mind to work for you (not against you) 🔥 Connect with your Divine Guidance – your Intuition 🔥Continue reading “About the Course: Sensual Shadow-work for Women”