Free SELF LOVE course

In the first Live I will share what Self Love is for me; as well as some of my background story. I will share some things I have found to work; and what have not worked. I will hold the first live in this GROUP and you will find the replay there for another 30 days. You find the recording (but sadly with a bit of delay between sound and picture) HERE

Second live you find the here: and on YouTube HERE

The third live got a bit amputated, and I will do another proper one later. You find the 20 min replay here:

My YouTube Channel:

And if you feel called to go deeper with me one-to-one; you find my calendar link to book your Session HERE

I will hold my next round of Sensual Shadow-work (a path to Self Love) from mid April, with 8 spots. You can sign up to be on the first that get the opportunity to enroll through this LINK

I welcome your reflections, questions and shares around this subject during the Live; as well as you are so welcome to send them to me afterwards!

And I love that the shares I have thus far gotten! Here are the answers to “What is Self Love for you“? Maybe some of them can inspire you (too)? Maybe some of them are not true for you (too)? The beauty is that there is not one way for everyone- and I would say it is one unique way for everyone. So let us get inspired by each other?! :

Self-love means that you accept yourself fully, treat yourself with kindness and respect, and nurture your growth and wellbeing.

Liberation, ease, grace, magick, pleasure, sensual, magnetic, creative, ‘fuck yes’, deep wisdom and embodiment. Honest, free, essence.

Respektere og elske meg selv og lytte til alle mine følelser

Learning to accept how I feel at any given moment and see the world in a kinder light

Valueing myself as much as I value others.

The judgements of the past, vanquished… The need to improve and become “better”, emancipated. I am left with nothing – nothing but the presence that is here and now. Here, I say hello to the eternal being I am. Now, I am one with oneness. I am out of time, because I am now(,) not under the influence of such movements. I am nowhere to be found, because if there is an I, it feels omnipresent – right here . Self-Love is bound by the inevitability of Love keeping on loving. Resisting the reality of this ever-present energy – this Love that allows all to exist – is what feels less than good. Accepting and recognizing this feeling of Love’s presence, is the starting point for everything good. Self-Love is, to me, the love for all of my Self, and thence: Every Self. If I am in Love with Self, then Self is Love.

Knowing my capacity what is the right choice

Difficult. But what I ‘d like it to be is to make choices that are good for my well being. Getting there but I could use some extra support with this as I am about to face very deep wounds and it scares me or rather it scares the tiny inner child who is suspicious.

Connection to myself, my truth and Expression, standing up for myself. Following my intuition

Accepting myself completely in all my good and bad aspects

Honouring my needs and supporting myself without judgment. Giving myself grace.

Self love is taking care of mind, body and soul. Taking care of your body, mind and making it to be joyous evey day!

Self respect; working on yourself every day through exercise, diet and meditation

Banishment of shame and fear

Feeling good enough. Caring for oneself. Giving yourself pleasure

To be connected with my soul energy

Self control

The ability to recognize and focus on the good qualities in oneself.

I look forward to sharing with you!

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