I invite you to a free course in Radical Self Love

I am living proof of happens to your mental and physical Health when you turn thinking about yourself around- as well how it radical changes your Life!

from severe autoimmune problems, depressions and constantly feeling too much and not enough–

to getting more and more radically IN LOVE with myself and LIFE itself

I just decided to do this free event; so I`ll post details later.

It will look like lives and shares around how to transform inner environment between 29.Dec and 31.Dec – as well as practical tools & New Moon Initiation (2.Jan)

If i am not blocked or deleted you can follow through facebook, but the free classes will be posted and shared through my website & another way of broadcasting videos. To join fill in the link in the form below


– or sign up to the facebook event (keeping in the back of your mind that I might suddenly be blocked or deleted there)


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