Energy protection &Aura cleanse

Answering a question: How to cleanse aura and remove other peoples Energy and influences, and create a Psychic defense:

I want to start with what in my perspective is most important; and I will start with the WHY; it is so you do not find yourself in this situation over and over again:

And that is to acknowledge The Law of Attraction: That anything we allow into our Energy- is because it finds a resonance, or a “unguarded” space to enter

Protection is first and foremost something that radiate from the inside and out, through having your own back and putting yourself first 💜

It is important to OWN this; as in taking radical self responsibility– because if we focus (purely) on the external forces at hand, then we will have this pattern repeat… And we put ourselves in the position as victims to Life. And then you `ll be stuck in repair modus the whole time – as in being in reaction mode to Life– rather then using the Energy for and that Energy can be used for creation//action.

That you “attract” it -does NOT mean that you deserve it or are a bad/weak person. And certainly it is NOT a reason to beat yourself up (that is only adding insult to injury, and will weaken your Energy and your Aura)

I believe our purpose here on Earth is to support the transmutation of wounds through healing them. So when we are attracting a pattern/certain type of Energy- we have the unique possibility to clear this not only for us, but also from the collective field 💜

Can you see how this then can be: how is this happening FOR me?

And maybe even learn to get excited, about what Gift will be uncovered?! Because every Shadow has its equally big (often much much bigger) Gift frequency

I also want to acknowledge that some Energy is not really ours to clear- that we do collect a lot of Energy from others, and that we get to let this go. Sometimes it is purely an Energetic boundary for you to own, so this will be repelled in the future. As in: you are taking responsibility for things that that are not really yours to transmute– maybe you feel like you need to prove your worth, and so you open up your Energetic boundary for this? Maybe you think too little of yourself, and let Energy vampires drain you? Maybe what you learned was love growing up, have you stay in relationships where you are not valued? ((These are just some examples))

Reflections- that I invite you to scan your body and be with your body with. As in- feel into what your BODY is responding to:

▪︎What is mine?//Is this mine?
▪︎What is here FOR me to own?
▪︎Where am I giving my power away?
▪︎What wound finds an echo inside of me, that I now get to look at and be with?

There are several ways to clear//release Energy:

  • Somatic experiencing // Self pleasure:
  • Water- for instance bath or shower. Here you can also visualize the water cleansing you, going down the drain. Use herbs (examples are Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint) a scrub or salt in the water.
  • Shaking the body and other emotional release tools. Here is some tools:
  • Emotional release massage and trigger points. Here is a massage:
  • Fire- lighting a candle or a fire, and either burn a letter/list of what you want to let go off, or imagine the energy being burnt up in the fire though visualization.
  • Frequency or Solfeggio music
  • Wearing or using Gemstones like Crystal Quartz, Citrine, Kyanite, Selenite- plus there are lots of other stones can use, all depending on the intention. Those Gemstones are however great all-round healers
  • Meditation
  • Get a massage (make sure the person that gives it are solid and with integrity- otherwise can pick up not great energy…)
  • Orgasm- as being with yourself in pleasure, and using the Energy for that to transmute//clear//banish low frequency Energy
  • Smudge burning (sage, Palo Santo, Rosemary etc.)
  • Salt: scrub for instance with coconut oil and coffee grains. Do a Salt Bath. Himalaya Salt lamp.
  • Do a Clearing Ceremony or Ritual: “I release and let go of any and every Energy that is not for my Highest good – in this timeline and in all timelines and dimensions”. Can add one or more of elements that are here. This is extra potent around Full Moon.
  • Do a Clearing Session with a practitioner. I support you in this, and you can book here:
  • Feeling your Aura- and fluffing it up with your arms, or visualizing the Central Sun repairing it with it`s blue Energy — you then “see” rays coming down and repair where you feel there are holes
  • Visualizing your Aura as a White bubble as you are sitting or moving around

I have lots of free resources on clearings- look to my videos and my website 💜

You are welcome to write me through social media if there is a specific Energy you are looking to transmute, and I will direct you to the resource. And I also support you in transmuting or clearing blocks – we can also open the Akashic Records to solidify this further.

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