Energy Reading w/Tarot

I work with the Cards intuitively; in how I lay them out, in what order, and also in how I interpret them. I do ritual and ceremony every New Moon and Full Moon; and the past months I lay out Tarot cards too.

2.Jan 2022 as the New Moon was peaking I put these cards. My focus this time was a directly personal for me. As I see that the deeper we go the more we start to vibrate and journey with lots of the same, I am posting this for you to read too.

What are transitioning in//out of:

5 of cups; Do not fixate on what lost; NEW opportunities are waiting. Learn//Look for the lesson learned and find the opportunity

4 swords, upside down: Pushing to ACTION- no more trying to stay “peaceful” small

6 of swords, both upside down and upright: Everything and nothing make sense. Still carrying heavy load from the past. It is time to letting go of the “bad decisions” of the past- to not keep carrying this and let weigh down for the road ahead.

2 of wands: You are ready for the long term future. Stick to the new “regime” you are outlining for yourself

What are coming in the near future:

6 of cups: THE MAGICAL SURPRISE/ out of comfort zone// the pleasure and love after experiencing darkness is unique. It is appreciated in a deeper layer. LETTING GO OF THE PAST// becoming more mature and letting go of childhood issues

Capricorn : Disipline// letting go of distractions for mind and body. Finding devotion to Source//Void. Finding endurance sexy

Virgo : Keeper of the Flame. To embrace the Healer, Teacher AND Witch #PRIESTESS. To keep the striving for Perfection as a beautiful drive forward and letting go of the harshness (shadow aspect) of yourself. Life is a Journey and so called inner work is not a destination as in a burden.

Earth: DIVINTION // grounded to Gaia and the Human Body you are here to explore in. Connect with the ROOT. Earth gives form to the other Elements// stability, practical, patience, embodiment

What moving towards & tips for getting there:

Libra: Connect with beauty and balance of your Energy in the morning. Utilize charm and warmth to create connection. It is the natural instinct to to what is is fair? What needs to be rebalanced?

The Chariot: Focus on what HAVE within, and letting go of the struggle *push/pull*, so can look UP and find where you are going. Where do you want to go? Finding the direction in your Heart and connect with true desire. With this the ability to let the polarities within drive forward

King of cups: Mastery! Recognition!! To be able to rest and attune your skills so can mold the future as you desire>> SUCCESS

Queen of coins: Puts her love into her work. Nurtures others through her presence. Grounded and playful with keywords Success, Sex and FUN!

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