SOUL RETRIVAL ~ Sensual Shadow-work

Finding your lost Soul parts requires to go deep into the Shadows and even darkness; to re-remember parts of you you have expelled, suppressed, forgotten or ignored. That’s what Sensual Shadow-work is about

To locate blocks to your inner security to completely be fully you

Going deep is to enter into and stay with the body to truly feel the past pain and hurt that had you abandon this part of yourself

At a time when you didn’t have the capacity to truly feel//heal//understand

Now I consider this a TRUE Adventure~ and like many stories it will include hardship and challenges

I’m going to keep saying it; that this Journey both gets easier and harder

Harder because I become more and mord sensitive; so the sting sometimes feels worse then ever

Easier because emotions pass through me quicker and quicker

》A pure emotion only last between 6 and 90 seconds; and the more I practice staying with my body; the less resistance 曆

Easier because the MORE I fully feel; I get quicker the complete experience ((reducing repeating over and over either completely, or understanding that I’m in a repeat quicker)

So yeah~ our desire about a “quick fix” is actually valid;

But greatly misunderstood HOW

I hope this made sense? Perhaps could motivate or inspire?

Coming week my Calendar is open for online Sessions (and in person Sessions in Mexico city). Another way to go both deeper, quicker and easier; is through someone guiding you and holding space for you

If you’re been wondering or wanting a Session with me; this is the time, as my prices go up by minimum 25% from April.

This week you also get a follow up call of 20 min included 1-3 days after the Session

So if you’re ready to kick-start your transformation, let go of blocks and welcome MORE of Life?

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