Healing through the Body

There are three layers to create a lasting and effective healing- addressing the mind (mental heath) looking at your habits (health of your body) & releasing blocks in your Body and Energetic field (emotional and energetic health that I group together). For the last part there are many modalities that I have learnt, and the one that I find gives the most beautiful transformation is Somatic experiencing- that is often called Self Pleasure.

It can be a bit tricky to use this word, as it has been used as a coded word for masturbation. That is of course one of the ways you can have pleasure with yourSELF, and it certainly is not the only way?

Self Pleasure / Somatic experiencing can include genitalia and erogenous zones touch- as well as activation of pleasure and Orgasm. It also can be without touch, and be about moving through other types of sensations/emotions. When are with what is going on from the inside out- there is a release of frozen energy (blocks, trauma, pain, wounds) from the body that leads to a body that is more at ease and this gives the ability to have more pleasure in Life

It is a SENSOUS experience- because it is exactly that- being with the SENSation that is in your body. We live in a Society though that has gone to great lengths to shame and suppress the body and emotions – the Feminine aspects. The completely natural and necessary elements to have Inner Union and be in connection with your Soul.

I have two certifications in this experiencing – as a Self Pleasure™ Graduate and Teacher of The Feminine Frequency Formula™. Currently I am also well on my way in a third certification – Soma Mystica™. I combine this with my educations and experience in Mindfulness, Meditation and Emotional release, as well as my abilities as an Energy Intuitive and Psychic. I used to have a life with auto immune problems and depressions- and I can add a rich life experience and my healing journey into all of this.

The purpose of this video is not to look sexy or hot. All though I find that people that are truly embodying their senses are exactly very sensual and will tend to arouse feelings in others. I believe it is a longing to connect deeper with own body- yet this is something that so many have been taught is bad or a should not. The statistics of how much pain medication, anti depressants and other ways to suppress the body and natural symptoms that things are in imbalance is quite sad. As well as how “normal” it now is with having mental problems and lifestyle dis-eases

The problem is a sick society? One that are extremely ill equipped to handle tension and unease- that tries to suppress, numb and ignore the symptoms rather then get to the core of the issue

In the video I posted I was being with some hurt in my Heart- expressing and exploring that, and at the same time giving myself love and affection to feel better

And I did- and not only was the pain released- it was transmuted to feeling more strong and confident in myself than ever- because I got my own back

If you are curios about all this, my third round of Sensual Shadow-work is coming out in about 6 weeks. I also guide one to one both in person and online- as well as mentoring. You can show your interest here and through this get availability to the special prices first: Press here to fill in the form

The video https://www.youtube.com/shorts/3wcXHhKutQU

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