Dark Feminine activation

In this post I share a bit about working with Archetypes in general, and with The Dark Feminine specifically. This is an Energy that is greatly demonized, and has been for centuries~ nah, millennia? Lilith and Eve… EXACTLY because of all the power she holds; She is creation. And destruction. Imagine ALL the Energy sheContinue reading “Dark Feminine activation”

Healing through the Body

There are three layers to create a lasting and effective healing- addressing the mind (mental heath) looking at your habits (health of your body) & releasing blocks in your Body and Energetic field (emotional and energetic health that I group together). For the last part there are many modalities that I have learnt, and theContinue reading “Healing through the Body”

SOUL RETRIVAL ~ Sensual Shadow-work

Finding your lost Soul parts requires to go deep into the Shadows and even darkness; to re-remember parts of you you have expelled, suppressed, forgotten or ignored. That’s what Sensual Shadow-work is about To locate blocks to your inner security to completely be fully you Going deep is to enter into and stay with theContinue reading “SOUL RETRIVAL ~ Sensual Shadow-work”

I invite you to a free course in Radical Self Love

I am living proof of happens to your mental and physical Health when you turn thinking about yourself around- as well how it radical changes your Life! from severe autoimmune problems, depressions and constantly feeling too much and not enough– to getting more and more radically IN LOVE with myself and LIFE itself I justContinue reading “I invite you to a free course in Radical Self Love”