SOUL RETRIVAL ~ Sensual Shadow-work

Finding your lost Soul parts requires to go deep into the Shadows and even darkness; to re-remember parts of you you have expelled, suppressed, forgotten or ignored. That’s what Sensual Shadow-work is about To locate blocks to your inner security to completely be fully you Going deep is to enter into and stay with theContinue reading “SOUL RETRIVAL ~ Sensual Shadow-work”

I invite you to a free course in Radical Self Love

I am living proof of happens to your mental and physical Health when you turn thinking about yourself around- as well how it radical changes your Life! from severe autoimmune problems, depressions and constantly feeling too much and not enough– to getting more and more radically IN LOVE with myself and LIFE itself I justContinue reading “I invite you to a free course in Radical Self Love”

Energy protection &Aura cleanse

Answering a question: How to cleanse aura and remove other peoples Energy and influences, and create a Psychic defense: I want to start with what in my perspective is most important; and I will start with the WHY; it is so you do not find yourself in this situation over and over again: And thatContinue reading “Energy protection &Aura cleanse”

Online sessions vs in Person

I want to first acknowledge that up until about 1.5 years ago I was deeply sceptic towards online space, and thought it to be inferior -or that it would not work. I said no to lots of opportunities with this as an excuse, until – because of some very fortunate misunderstandings – “suddenly” was enrolledContinue reading “Online sessions vs in Person”

Energy update & support: Inner Child healing through shadow-work and Gene Keys

If you feel like these are extra crazy times, and find yourself addressing core wounds and shadows- it is exactly what the Global theme is now. Inner Child healing!! The text underneath is a mix of resources from and my own Intuitive understanding. Get your own chart: (I offer intuitive readings). This EnergyContinue reading “Energy update & support: Inner Child healing through shadow-work and Gene Keys”

Emotional Release: Grief

Inner Child healing and Quan Yin support: SOFTENING into yourself and your Heart ~ A self practice to be with and release this dense emotion, that usually cause a lot of stuck Emotions in your Energy. Most of these core wounds are from Childhood or past lives. Estimated time for all the reading, videos andContinue reading “Emotional Release: Grief”