Dark Feminine activation

In this post I share a bit about working with Archetypes in general, and with The Dark Feminine specifically.

This is an Energy that is greatly demonized, and has been for centuries~ nah, millennia? Lilith and Eve… EXACTLY because of all the power she holds; She is creation. And destruction. Imagine ALL the Energy she holds in her- that will be your Gifts too you when you embrace this part of yourself?

When this aspect is integrated and embraced as a natural part of a Healthy whole it works through the Heart of Hearts; and there is no shadow in any way. It will only break and destroy what is dis-eased.

It is when this parts of you are shamed/shunned, this parts acts out from the shadow aspect- like a demon or a monster it will lash out. Because what we suppress into the darkness (unconscious) we have no control over. And this often (usually) created a negative spiral; because the shame of the shadow reaction have you/it suppress it more, then this aspect shows up even more from the shadow- etc. Adding that what we suppress we will also project onto others through negative judgment.

In order to bring something from the Shadows; light needs to shine on it: meaning to allow and accept aspects that’s still immature to come out; Because there is no growing in the Shadows; there isn’t true Heart connection from this point

Harnessing the primordial powers from Earth and Nature

Why destruction? Because what happens if build on bad foundations?

Destruction can also be LOVE: I often call it the Beautiful Havoc; as in the deconstruction of the constrictions around our Heart. Truth can be an aspect of destruction. Other ways: unveiling of layers of conditioning = undressing of the ego.

Please note that when I write ego I never mean that the ego is bad in itself; I believe the ego has a Divine purpose as a master tool for our wholeness and are exactly a part of the whole that is us/you/me.

We change the World from the inside out: and we heal (and by this I mean mature) our Creative//Destructive Energy through letting her come out to play. She is a part of ALL of us no matter your Gender

The trick is to know when and where it’s an appropriate space. Otherwise shame can be activated, and you end of throwing her down in the dungeons again (and how many times have this shame cycle happened with you before??)

Lack of sexual desire and problems with numbness in genitalia, inability to Orgasm or erection dysfunction as well as premature ejaculation is connected to suppression of Dark Feminine qualities within you.

It affects in short the quality of your sexual experience and emotional connection with others. So it feels good to integrate and mature this part?

A few Contemplations:
  • Identify when you judge or are jealous of others for their sensual and sexual energy. If you are attracted to Females then you can also feel into what qualities you find desirable with them sexually- in particular the things you have a love/hate relationship with.
  • Another point is to feel into if/when you experience, or give, emotional abuse or manipulate.

When we work with her; these aspects might show up as in particular strong fears of death and rejection. And that there is absolutely a real chance that some will reject and ridicule; because this Energy is felt so shameful for many, that they rather project than do shadow-work.

It is EXACTLY because of this that it is so incredible important that you are here reading this: because it shows that you truly care about supporting and co-creating Healing for the World and yourself

So when working with this archetype it is important to understand some context around why she is connected to so much deep shame- and it has to do with the history of all the ways Females and Feminine Energy have been demonized, violated and haunted. I will add that Feminine Energy is something that EVERYONE holds, and that every person also has Dark Feminine aspect

Modern age stoning of Women (a single mother of two. Why? Because she owned a mobile phone. Eve eating the apple from the three of knowledge. But why would that be shameful? And why they symbol of a snake (kundalini) -and why place the “blame” and idea that Women are tricksters through getting Adam to do it too? Why was Adam “gullible” here? I see this as shaming of the Feminines ability to seduce and become aware of the wisdom of the body (vs just obeying religion or authority) is so greatly feared- her ability to seduce through her body. And the Witch Hunt – that has been a thing for much before as well as much after the times when they burnt, downed and mutilated people (mainly Women but also other genders) simply just because they strayed from what was perceived as “normal”

It feels very natural to address: in many ways I less and less think in terms of feminine and masculine Energy now. And rather focus mostly on Gift/Shadow of certain Energies, and that I here often focus on dark and light as the polarities.

  • Dark: as the more extroverted active element.
  • Light: as the more introverted and observing element.
  • And that ultimately when these aspects are gradually integrated more and more ONEness blooms; where there is no separation at all (illusion).

Feminine, Masculine, Light, Dark etc are simply labels that supports communication about abstract energies, subjects and objects be easier to communicate and identify.

Is she alive in you?

She’s certainly been coming out to play with me lately; it’s juicy❤️‍🔥 And a core aspect here was for me to also work on (by that I mean to bring awareness/light to) my Light Masculine aspect , as this is the polarity Archetype to the Dark Feminine.

You can read about this on instagram in this post

The spotify music list to the Light Masculine as a Blue Dragon you find HERE. Please note that there needs awareness if you try to access her through him, as he (Light Masculine) is often operating from the Shadows as her jailer….

What images and aspects of them resonates for you? Get inspired and find your own pictures? Make a playlist and let your body do the moving from the inside out using awareness, sound, touch, breath and movement?

A Self pleasure that tap into this Energy you can find here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScoIWSz0zQr012R0oF8tlT_eSuUnvxKKaLxzzNlLr7Jlv0OIQ/viewform

Playlist you find HERE:

For me she is the Dark Mother that creates; yet she leaves //keeps a distance after the birth as she is not much of a nurturer in that way (that is the Light Feminine and Light Masculine aspects). Just like the Dark Masculine does the fucking (penetration) but not the nurture per say.

Lamassu, Sekhmet, Fire Goddess

Get to KNOW her?

And yeah; this applies if you identify as a Male too. She’s there within us all
She’s simply more buried with some than others, as well as more active in some peoples blueprint. If you are a male body; feel into how you would like a woman to show up here- and then tap into this part of you

What does your Dark Feminine crave? What does she want to tear down? What does she want to create? What does she likes eat, taste. How does she eat? How does she walk? Dance? What music do she like? What have her shake her ass with extra vigor? What partner does she want? Or maybe she wants to roam around and taste different Energies? How does your Dark Feminine move? Dress? How does she kiss, lick and fuck?

I would love to hear your reflections and personal experiences about this topic, and in particular if you try any of what I share! I will add that this is things I guide in one:to:one

I offer free mini Sessions, and you find the form to submit a request for one HERE

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