Workshop in Oslo 6.September

Welcome to an evening of exploration of your sensual shadows- all genders welcome. I hold space, activate and guide. It will be held at 18:00- 21:00 at Hos Arne in Rodeløkka in Oslo. I will hold the workshop in Norwegian if everyone there speaks Norsk, otherwise it will be held in English. I can also do it in both language if preferred 

❤️Sensuality is the Gift aspect of sensitivity- when a deep attunement to your inner environment through your senses creates Empowerment and true embodiment

》》Sensuality and S€xuality are two different aspects that can overlap. Note that this is a Sensual workshop, and that s€xual expression might occur- yet is not the intention with the workshop directly

》》Your level of empowered sensitivity directly affects the amount of pleasure, joy and level of reactivity in your Life

❤️About me: I am a trauma informed facilitator with 3 certifications in Somatic therapy – all approved through International Institute for Complimentary Therapists. In addition I have other relevant educations in Mindfulness, Meditation, Social anthropology and more. I am an Energy Intuitive and Psychic

❤️You are welcome to come in whatever outfit you feel called to- sweatpants or lingerie. Be prepared for nakedness- without there being any need for your to take any clothes off

❤️This is a full permission space when it comes to that all emotions and self expressions are welcomed

❤️With the boundary: me as the facilitator will at times make activations through touch- we will create a container in the beginning where you can voice if this would be welcomed or not for you. But there will be no touch or direct play between participants

》》This is a space for you to explore and be with your own Energy, so you can be more empowered and in control of your own Energy in the World- expanding the amount of tension you can hold in your own body- through this increasing capacity for both pleasure and pain❤️‍🔥

Early-bird: 550,-
Ordinary price: 700
Last-minute: 850

Limited spaces: everyone will get individual attention and activations

Payment with Vipps: +4793499586 with your full name and email address. All prices are in NOK (norske kroner)

More information will follow closer to the event. Looking forward 😍 And if you have questions, feel free to ask them- send me an email to or through Instagram

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