4 month Sensual Shadow-work Journey with me 1:1

4 month one to one guidance with me- into the Mystery of your Body to reconnect with your Wild Soul//Self. This is a deep dive into the depths of your Shadows/subconscious, where utilize tools like archetypes, somatic therapy, Energy clearing, Embodiment tools, mediations and mindset rewiring – and if you so, desire also Gene keys and Human Design. To recalibrate your attunement to your body and Energy- giving inner healing and inner union. 

Every Journey is individual- as every person is unique: as in- this is not a set format where we go through pre-determined steps. This is a Mystic exploration of what is alive in the Energy of your blueprint and your Heart.

The set-up is a mix of structure and flow:

We set up 3 calls of 75 min each month.

And then you have 5 calls of 30 minutes that you book in when you want/need.

This gives a total of 17 calls over 17 weeks.

Please note, that this does not include 24/7 chat support.

And it does include that I keep overview (through Google Drive) and support you in creating transformation in a structured way. I create exercises for you and give adjustments when needed. You do of course get to write me with questions and reflections, and these will mainly addressed in the Sessions and Calls. Because the intention is to strengthen your own Core and Self: You do the work, and I am here to hold, support and nurture- but mainly to catalyze your process during the Sessions and to hold the overview and bigger picture on the mental plane- and give support in the navigation of the discovery of yourSelf.

Why not just book individual calls? Because we can go much more deeper when we have the set calls over a long period, as well as I am attuned into your Energy and will be deeply active with you on your Journey.

For two people I offer this for the Investment of 4250NOK (425 US Dollars) per month. 

Or 15 800 NOK (1580 US Dollars) if pay the whole amount in full.

– When two people have signed up and become confirmed, I will increase the price by 10%

– The price you read above is the price you sign up for

How we proceed:

You fill out the information below, and then we find a time to set up the details: here we go through your intention, get confirmed that we are a good energetic match to work together, set the dates for the first 3 Sessions, sort out payment details etc. 

-This call is in addition to the other calls, and the first available time to start our work together is from 2.August

I look forward to meet you and support you in shining brighter in the World- we change the World from the inside and out, and it one of my biggest joys in life to co-create this 

You find the form here ❤️

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