Life fucks me over- in a juicy way

Life fucks me over- in a juicy way..

I have been trying to bring my offerings into structure the past month. And it is like dropping the soap in the shower with a lover… (getting fucked – in a good way… 😍🤪)

I will be gentle with myself that in this time I have also been in Mexico with bad internet, travelling between continents, struggled with jetlag and have a 9 year old😇

Transparency is a key aspect for me; as it tears me down from a pedestal: Because I am not here as an expert to tell you in 3 or 10 steps how to xyz (and magically life is a flying ride on a unicorn in pink clouds 🦄🧚‍♀️)

My desire is to support people {YOU} into inner sovereignty – because there is not one way to do things “right”- there is the way that is just perfect for you 🌹 (and you are walking it right now; and that includes to get the continuous opportunity to listen within if readjustments are needed)

My desire in the World is to ignite, inspire and share my insights; and whether you do what I share or not: I`m learning to disattach to. This relates to how connected I am to myself: 》The more I love and accept myself and my shadows; the more I am more able to focus on my own life and mission

Back to the fucking [😍]: Every time I am sitting down to get the structure out- filled with ideas, structures and visions in my head- I end up in a beautiful soapy mess of pleasure

AKA: down a new rabbit hole…

And I will add that some of the rabbit holes also comes from me noticing me being distracted by what others are (not) doing ( = shadow-work!)

I enjoy so much my creative bubble and play- it is a combination of my inner child (finally being allowed- I was early very serious as a child) and my Feminine feeling body (I was restricting my emotions and living in my head for years and years… add previous depression and auto-immune problems too)

Because… with every new aha and realization; I feel the need to integrate and let it settle. Because integrity- as in speaking form where I AM and not where I want to be (or want others to believe I am at….)

True; but also a way for me to avoid… aka staying small

These soapy adventures is super fun, juicy and I am getting really clean – my shadows are revealed in such a rapid amazing rate! There are lots of joy, laughter, orgasms plus the other aspects of growing like needing rest, releasing blocks through the body (pain, dis-ease symptoms etc)

AND one of the clear shadows I am shown is the lack of structure in my life 》My inner child is saying I am pooping on the fun 🤸‍♀️🤡 》And it’s revealed deeper to me now how my Inner Saboteur takes advantage of this🙃

My previous strict polarity in the rational mind (any polarization is shadow if you ask me), have parts of me shun and feel like routine and structure is repulsive… (shadow work is looking at where feel a push pull between I do not want and I want)


To all the beautiful Souls that have been curious about my offerings, yet I seem elusive: please fill out the form below❤️

And yes, I have been elusive- because I am in huge transformation mode ❤️‍🔥I mean ALL the changes in outer and inner Life I have done the past 3 years- wow- I am beyond proud and amazed by myself- I am a GODDESS! (Haha, self love Goddess and Witch🎢🎉)

SO YES: I have taken action with getting mentorship to transmute the Saboteur pattern. Everyone benefits from receiving outside support if you ask me, because trying to do it all by oneself is the unnecessary hard way and a trauma response (extreme individuality because do not trust life)

I am also yet again getting the clear message about getting a VA and other kinds of help (know of any good ones?) so I can be more in my Genius (😍play more❣️)

I also believe that usually we get further by going slow and gentle;

Because I been on the path of strict structure many many times before (had six pack, got up at 5.30 am, forced myself through years of engineering studies etc).

And my desire is to create TRUE inner union coming from the wilderness of my Heart- as in my authentic self

THIS is what I want to see in the World too~ I believe we change it from the inside out 》When you THRIVE, the World thrives better too❤️‍🔥

I wish to start my next round in Sensual shadow-work 22.May. I do not have a landing page yet, and I am working on the details (they also keep changing // I keep dropping that soap…🤪😍)

(Workshops in Oslo coming soon too ETC)

If you are looking for the strict structure and needs everything layed out weeks in advance- aka the picture perfect Healer or Coach 》then I am not your Mentor

I am really good at what I do; and that is Sensual Shadow-work and bringing the transmission of how to reconnect to YOUR authentic self through Emotional Alchemy, Mindset rewiring and connection to your Intuition

In short: Self love & Sensuality ❤️‍🔥

You want it? LINK HERE

And please ask me again if I haven’t gotten back to you in a few days❤️

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