The slow & quickest way to Self Love

This past months I have increasingly turned up the volume on my “shadow-work” – and the same time the volume of SELF LOVE is so beautiful that I catch myself crying of gratitude pretty much every day 😍 How? By doing less!!

Since new years there have been A LOT of feeling the opposite in my Life. As in at times intense tension. I am realizing that somehow that is part of my Life it seems, that that time of the year starts a process of deepening within. (I am also prepared to let go of the story that this is “how it is”). And it does makes sense to me; because in order to open up- there is a tensing of the muscles to open up?

And the more I lean INTO this, the more the unease transforms -as by magic. (ha- surrender– the most difficult of the easiest ways).

And this magic is here for all of us- because our body and energy is in fact self healing. When we let it that is.. but we as a Society is kind of trapped in the mental plane of DOing…?

I will share with you a few things that I have “done” this Summer to BEcome MORE through not doing (-haha, how much contradictions can one play around with?!)

Because PLAY have been a huge part of it

And curiosity

– gentleness

—self acceptance –

* When I have felt tension; I allow and welcome it. I do not try to fix it. Example is how I allowed myself to be around people in contraction. To feel at unease. To feel tightness in my body or Energy. As in NOT trying to “fix it”. Even if I noticed that people met me differently because of it. Why? Because I am in it for the long run: to deepen into mySelf – to find true EASE. And if I “fix”, then I suppress the parts of me that shows that it feels uncertain?

* When it has felt natural, I have leaned into this Energy to play and explore it. Like walking around with it- noticing what and who gives more or less tension. And when it feels expansive, as in gently leaned in a bit more INTO the tension: making sure that I stay in the MAGIC ZONE; and for me this is the edge of my comfort zone. In this making sure that I am not pushing myself (aka lack of self consideration and gentleness- so I do NOT retraumatize myself) Example is noticing that I do not want to be seen when at the Tantra week that I attended last week. So I put on something more daring. Going to workshops that gives expansive tension inside me. Continue conversations with people that gives an edge to my Energy. YET also completely honoring the fear/tension inside of me, and not compromising this part.

And yeah- this isn`t a piece of cake. It takes PRACTICE. It takes SELF awareness- aka deep sensitivity to my own Energy and sensitivity. THIS is what I call (true) Sensuality ❤

Knowing mySelf- and putting mySelf first- because I know (from experience) that true kindness comes as a natural and spontaneous expression from within; based on how I am with mySelf

For me this feels like a beautiful Union of my two main Energies – of being/receiving (often thought of as the Feminine) combined with doing/active (often thought of as the Masculine)

And I notice that the feeling of separateness is less and less – I (just) AM. This gives increasingly effortlessness- and so my Energy grows and overflows ❤ What I today can hold is infinite bigger than even a week ago.

If you want guidance on your Journey- I offer one to one Sessions and Mentoring both in person and online. I have workshops and self study courses are coming ❤ Just now you can chose these option at very good prices. I also have free resources. You are welcome to message me and ask if you feel curious or drawn to any of this

Testimonial: “I loved how you guided me but very gently and just held space for me during the process. I felt safe. This was an extraordinary experience for me where I felt so safe to open and share and process. Thank you”

In devotion of service to myself- I have so much overflowing from within, and I am both eager and would be honored to support more people in this adventure that self discovery gets to be ❤

How do you meet yourself?

Do you have any questions about Sensual Shadow-work//my work? Any reflections what comes up for you reading this?

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