Sensual shadow-work for Men: awaken your LOVER and Sacred Masculinity

Men- your body is sacred and beautiful 🔥 And just like I want women to find liberation and joy in their body and sensuality- I want to see ALL MEN embrace and find this in themselves and in life too ❤ And the path is not the same for a female and male body- and why I have and hold the Courses separate.

In the course I guidance and support you in learning tools and mindset rewiring to reconnect to your body and Soul- and through this healing the echo of shame and guilt for your natural urges and desires. This supports you in creating intimate and heathy connections and relationships ❤

Sensual and sexual drive is natural- yet in the World around us there is major capitalistic and religious forces that benefit on humans holding shame of their body and natural drives and instincts.

And THIS Shame and guilt is the reason why shadow and dark aspects of sexuality and humans are created- by the suppressing. Because these urges are strong- so they will either burst out in unhealthy ways, or create disease in the body and mind.

Through reclaiming your body and letting go of the shame and guilt- your Life will start to transform.

And the more it transforms – the more rapid this will create more and more warmth and love in your life.

It is a matter of understanding and being the master of your bodily urges- WITHOUT suppressing any of that Energy ❤

I will also touch on the fact that there is a good reason for the wounds- as the battle between the genders have been there for centuries- and this is one of the subjects we will touch on and explore:

Because the wound of the feminine and the wound of the masculine feeds off each other and creates a bigger and bigger division- when all we truly want is to be united, understood and loved for who we are?

Let us together do what we can to stop this vicious cycle- through healing our own inner wounds?

I know for men it is often more difficult to share about emotions and feelings, so even if I know the HUGE healing it has in itself to share and be witnessed, my priority is to create this into a safe space for as many as possible- as in participating in groups and sharing is optional.

You get to ask me anything: Either in our private Sessions or through the weekly form.

Over the 8 weeks I will give weekly self exercises that include 4 embodiment somatic/self pleasure scripts. This is a self exercise where you explore your own body in a different way. You will have the option of getting individual feedback to your experience with everyone of them. In addition you get other exercises as well as learning how to mediate (something that I believe is important for everyone- and in particular males)

Every week you get to fill in a form with reflections and questions that I give feedback to and answer the questions.

In the Course:

🔥You learn how the ego mind works, and through this ignites the process of rewiring so you mind starts to work for you (not against you)

🔥 Learn to Meditate

🔥 Learn other tools to connect to your body and Soul so you can ignite that Fire within and attract love and connection to your Life

🔥 I will guide in understanding more how the Female body and mind works – and through this you will learn how to connect with her essence

🔥 Learn ways to let energy of anger, frustration and pain move through you

🔥 You start the exploration of a deeper pleasure (than just a few seconds of spasm)

8 weeks Course:

↬The first week starts at 6.October- this is when I release the first content. Every week you will get self exercises to practice in your own time.

↬ 4 group calls where you can join or watch replay. First one is 10.October at 4 pm CET. There is one every second week, with the last one at 21.November.

↬ I hold 4 Q&A`s where I answer your questions: You get to send me all and any question: and they will be answered answered in the Q&A (it will be anonymous who asked the question)

↬ 3 private online guidance calls with me (each 30 min)

↬ Telegram channel where content is released

↬With Telegram chat you can join

↬ I teach you tools you can continue using the rest of your life

❤ Are you ready to take the lead in your life?

❤ To embrace a life with more pleasure, joy and fun?

Early-bird price 162 US Dollars // 1450 NOK

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