Emotional Release: Grief

Inner Child healing and Quan Yin support:
SOFTENING into yourself and your Heart ~
A self practice to be with and release this dense emotion, that usually cause a lot of stuck Emotions in your Energy. Most of these core wounds are from Childhood or past lives. Estimated time for all the reading, videos and the practice about 60 min.



Sorrow is the signal of loss of parts of yourself- is a guide to come back to wholeness. It will FEEL like the opposite; because the Shadow always holds the opposite frequency.


As we practice to be with our emotions- this is something that becomes more and more natural – this IS embodiment; to embrace the wisdom of emotions, as opposite of being the victim of them


And the paradox is- that in order to gain the Gift; it is needed to fully embrace and accept the Shadow — TO COMPLETELY SEE IT; we can not will or think ourselves into the lessons with our ego mind — this is something we get from our bodily wisdom through LET-ting it IN










Sorrow and grief is NATURAL signs of:

  • Given too much; so depleted yourself? 
  • Not allowing yourself support or love?
  • Shutting out parts of you?
  • Cut away parts of yourself in order to fit in? As in rejected yourself (the most deepest hurt there is?)
  • Been taken from? The loss of your innocence? Created unsafety?
  • (and more examples- there are as many reason as there are people)

Your grief and sorrow is valid

There is no comparison; yet in order to gain the lesson, it`s important to have the perspective of knowing there are lots and lots of people that have had it worse- or are in a worse now. This will support you in not falling prey to becoming stuck in the bottom of the sorrow Well— (victimhood ruling your Life)

And know: comparing yourself to others can be a kind of self-mutilation. AND If applied to quickly, it will effectively hinder yourself to gain the full lesson. 

To do comparison is to belittle yourself. 
To not do it is to fall into martyrdom. 
To have patience; this is a long-term journey

Yes, to scrub a knee is nothing compared to breaking it or losing a leg- yet it still hurts at the moment?! So if you try to ignore or suppress- the energy of the pain will be stuck -because all energy is constant. Through transmuting it, it transforms in a natural process- when it is NOT forced or rushed; you learn it all

This is EMOTIONAL ALCHEMY; to practice being with the emotion, and allow yourself to feel it all. And to not identify with the emotional wave. In this gradually become more and more adept at knowing when to sink into the feeling, and when it is right to span out and gain the perspective- without loosing anything in the PROCESS



Through tuning INTO yourself: to listen to your body; not to -or through – your mind. So the process is to learn and rewire a new pattern into your being (from ego mind to Heart living

Tears is a way for the body to release the tension- but it also comes in many other forms- like shaking, sounds, movement etc

Through being with the blocks to our Heart- that is to be with the past pain and hurt- we open up to a Life with a more open Heart

For the self practice you need:

  • A space you can be undisturbed for 40 min or more- preferably being able to sound and move freely
  • turn off the phone as well as make sure no notifications pop up on the screen of your phone or computer
  • a place you can lie down and sit on your knees comfortably. Pillows, blanket etc
  • Bowl of water- fantastic if this is rainwater you have collected from nature, but that is NOT necessary for this time; and something you can apply to another time
  • Natural salt
  • Optional: candles, flowers, gemstones, elements from nature, incense, essential oils- creating it into a ritual or ceremony// scared space with yourself
  • allow burping, farting or other kind of breath, sounds to exit or enter your body. This is signs that energy is clearing your body
  • If possible be naked or wear clothing where it is easy to access all parts of your body (in particular over arms)
  • Remember that the script is a suggestion to support you- you find the true script in your body
  • a playlist for 40 min- I have created one specifically for this purpose. Making sure that the playlist will play in the order I have arranged them

The Self practice

Start the music: first song- 3:58min: listen while you read about Quan Yin- many considers her a Female Buddha ~ ~ and some a Buddhist version of Mother Mary. This story is as a pretext to understanding the power of calling on her. As well as the great power that lies in being with your sorrow; that there is a purpose. The third is that this story might support you in connecting with your emotions as you can draw on the feeling of all the injustice and pain in the world as a gateway to connect with your own grief (IF you find this difficult)

The story of Quan Yin: a young girl that already by young teenager years suffered in some of the worst awful ways imaginable. Barely surviving a vicious massacre of her Family and village, brutally beaten and raped, she managed to drag herself to a forrest. There she lived for years as a ghost as she purged deep grief, sorrow and anger. This set in motion a gradual softening & acceptance of her Human vulnerability; of regaining self love and compassion, reaching true Enlightenment; and choosing to stay on Earth to serve and teach humanity about self-compassion and self-love. To be a light.

Quan Yin- excerpts from The Sophia Code , Keycode 6

“When you practice holding yourself with great tenderness, you eventually become whole in your relationship with yourself. You trust yourself
In your human journey of self-mastery, there is so much to let go of
..to heal your relationship with suffering.
You came to experience the sovereign power of your divinity through the vulnerability of your human experience. Your willingness to be vulnerable - especially to painful experiences that stimulate personal growth- deserves your utmost self-respect, self-compassion, and unconditional love.
(the importance)...to refrain from pressuring yourself to prematurely move beyond unresolved pain. The imbalanced mental strategy to banish or hide away pain, to be dealt with at some unknown future junkture, has never worked nor ever will. (!!)
..the innocence of your inner Child will assert when it feels acknowledged and safe enough to release the suffering that no longer serves you.This next Golden age cycle will be launched by Divine Feminine leaders who radically embody the wisdom from their own authentic healing journeys through the necessary stages of grief. 
...Humanity cannot skip it`s initiations for learning self-love and self-compassion; it is the only way to reconcile the thousands of years spent in self-hatred and self-denial- that must be released for humanity to ascend into a new golden age.”
“Sudden feelings of anger, disappointment, and sadness can all act as messengers from your Inner Child when you are refusing to give karuna to yourself” (Karuna = radical self compassion)


With the remaining of the song- hold over your Heart and feel the words impact and what is coming up within you

Contemplation; was grief and sorrow allowed in your childhood? If you scrubbed a knee, broke a toy, got teased? if you were excluded?

Song 2 (1:25) prepare your space around you and settle even more in our body- open up for contemplation, emotions and stories- being FULLY and completely IN what is coming up for the remaining of the playlist.

Exaggerate if needed- maybe extra if you feel like you do not need it. Remembering that this can be a great tool to bring out shadows (it is okay if you feel “stupid” in doing so- let that be there too)

Bring out the bowl of water- add the salt. Hold your hands over the bowl and set the intention to be with your Heart and the grief and sadness within. You have now created Holy Water- anoint yourself with this water. Add it on your forehead and any other place you feel natural to bring it. (if next song starts- let it!)

song 3 (5:21min) Sit on your knees, open up your shoulders, tilt your head all the way back and open up your arms. Allow what ever wants to move move through you- let your body move you sitting, lying down or moving standing up- with sound, touch, movement and breath. Let stories come freely.

Alternative: Lie down, either flat and preferably in a ball and hold yourself- stroking your upper arms, shoulders and upper body. Let yourself feel the deep sorrow of all the sadness and pain that has been in your life. See your wounds and bruises. How it has been natural for you to be scared of opening up your Heart.

Song 4 (5:08) Keep lying down if that is natural for you. Or stand up. Hold your Heart- and feel in what kind of movement, sound, touch and breath wants to come out and be expressed. If stories, emotions and feeling do not come- be with that- allowing the void to be there, as this is equally important as any other way.

Suggestions: exploring your hips. Touching gently your arms. Holding yourself tightly and say it is okay to hurt. Allow the feelings to be STRONG if they come as such

Song 5 (3:49): move shoulder blades back and forth–your angel wings- your innocence. Welcome in any and every victimhood story. Let the pain and hurt ripple through your body using the grief pose or lying in a ball

Song 6 (9:16): Conscious breaths in and out through your nostrils, while applying appropriate pressure and/or massage with middle finger or your thumb. Giving attention to the following points on your body for a minimum of 30 second each. Allow anything that wants to be release be so while rubbing (burp, fart, sound, breath, cry, words, movement). If next song starts- let it

PS: Do not stress about right or left—

The blue crosses; Right side at the bottom of the ribcage (Heart/small int/etc).

Left side on opposite side (spleen/stomach)

pink crosses; Right side at the increase of under your arms- then left side

Green: Both sides under your collarbone at the same time

Top of the public bone (red)

(If next song has started sometime now- that is okay)

Then the point of the star- first right, then left side

Then next picture: Press each side of the arm on the point of the star with your middle finger. Start with one side, then the next. Press minimum of 1 min on each side, as you pay attention to that point and what arises within you.

and pressure to these points:

Then ending with the OM MANI PADME HUM song (6:04 min)

“I call upon the support of Quan Yin to be here with me”

If you have any water left- anoint yourself- ending with your Heart.

You are free to lie down flat on your back, or to sit. Sing or chant with the sounds– this is a calling for self love and self compassion- it will cleanse and support you.

After I suggest to shake off the body, and to bring attention to your Heart and this experience the next days. It is also really great to take a Shower and imagine the water clearing you- you can shake off here, massage more, hum the mantra, do a salt scrub etc

Reflections after;

to be contemplated- as in NOT trying to find the answer, but to let the answer arise if it naturally comes- through letting the question simply be there

Hold over your Heart- ask yourself what is happening within right now? Take a deep breath in – hold a bit- and really feel into it

Are there any place you ever hurt yourself as a Child that you can give extra love and attention to the following days?

Did something come up that surprised you? Does something feel resolved? Unresolved?

Any pain or discomfort that has come? gone?

Can you vow to go gentle with yourself and meet your inner pain with love and acceptance- with patience?

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